Prologue-Pain of Life

December 19, 2009
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Being reborn and returning to the same galaxy that killed me only centuries prior is the most painful event any living creature could ever experience. Leaving those that have died and I have loved behind in Somnus, in order to save other living souls in their place, is just as agonizing. I know that when I leave Somnus I will never remember any of them ever again, for my own sake and sanity; it is what I choose. I pay for life with my own soul, since it is the only kind of currency that the Void will accept. It is my obligation , no it is the only reason that I live, that I exist, is to protect the anomaly of life.

Am I alive? Do I feel anything? Do I even have a soul as I plummet between the stars and the space of infinity. Everything bends and warps; my very self, if there is such a thing, seems to contort and gain speed. The speed overtakes everything that my mind can process, it is just too fast. I see the bright colors of blue hydrogen explosions and then the red clouds of a large foreign planet. Stars, galaxies, universes that I cannot name but seem familiar all the same. Ice and water, green substances that pulse, the white hot heat of life. My consciousness accelerates at impossible speeds, learning and devouring all kinds of information. Sciences, languages, conflicts, facts about what I am, symbols that seem just too ancient, dimensions that are all too wrong.

Oh, the pain is incredible, it is all I feel. Rushing through my consciousness like a fiery inferno. Somehow I know what it is even though I do not know what I am aside from another anomaly. I try to fight I but cannot seem to go anywhere that I will.

I wait for eons it seems while I beam through even more endless space unable to stop, moving faster and faster yet. I accepted the pain along with visions of things I cannot understand. Eleven beings with infinite amounts of power, in different forms. Their beast-like auras washing over me, suffocating me, causing even more pain and suffering and I learn to hate.

I learn that I can feel. I fell different emotions while one rises and falls another takes its place never giving me rest. I would give anything to stop the hell that had descended upon me!

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