Chapter One: Toad.

December 19, 2009
By MindyJones BRONZE, McEwen, Tennessee
MindyJones BRONZE, McEwen, Tennessee
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I awoke to the tick of my clock, as it was slowly making it's way towards sun rise. I sighed, "This is hopeless." I had tried to stay up late, so I could finally shake my schedule of waking up so early. Every day for as long as I could remember, I woke up at almost five thirty daily; Just before the sun rose.
I stood from my bed, the wood cold against my warm skin, and worked my way towards my bathroom. I started the shower and gathered the clothes I would change into, and stepped into the small tile tub. The hot steam felt good against my skin, and I could feel my muscles beginning to relax. They were always tense in the morning. As I stepped out from the bathroom, a loud thud rang throughout my house, and I stumbled back into the bathroom.
"Sabrina?" I called out through the hall. She was my oldest sister, it was just me, her and my mother living here for now. We hadn't heard from my father since before i was born. I slowly walked out through the hall and into the kitchen where the noise had come from. I shreiked at what I found. A small green looking man was standing in my house, eating the cookies from the floor where the jar had fallen. He stared up at me and smiled. "It's about time princess wakes up!" I looked at him, trying not to blink. Was I dreaming? It couldn't be.
"Who are you?" I looked down at him and he stared up at me. He had almost lizard eyes. Yellow towards the outline, but his pupils were like diamonds in the center. His green skin reminided me of seaweed, with warts and lumps bubbling at the surface. "I toad. Humble slave." I began to laugh. "Okay, I am definitely tired. This is not real." I crouched down where he could look me eye to eye, when suddenly, his long pointy tongue reached out and slid against my cheek. "EW! What's your problem! That's disgusting!" I fell on my back and the small green man began to cry.
"I sorry princess! I simply say hello!" The tears poured from his eyes, and I feared he would wake my family. "Toad stop crying! Come with me." I quickly tucked the cookie jar under the carpet and and ran into my room, he was serious about this slave thing; He actually followed silently.

The author's comments:
I'm actually grounded right now. Having major writers block and this just came to me. I probably won't continue it. But I doubt anyone is even reading this.

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