A Tragic Fairy Tale

October 6, 2009
By Anonymous

The story I am about to tell you is about a so called lost soul, she wandered the earth until her spirit finally found peace. However, the road was hard and whilst with this, it was lonely beyond anything this tragic woman could bear. It all began fifty years ago when a half blood prince, as he was known for, and a priestess that was said to guard something quite sacred. This mystical sacred piece she held was said to grant any wish, good or even evil. It can make good evil, make evil good, make sadness happiness, and unfortunately even turn happiness into sadness. And, thus, this tragic heart was trapped... Oh how she wished she could live a normal woman's life with the man she longed to have.. Oh how she wished he would've chose the goodness of the blood of man over the yukai that consumed him in the end.
Every human being on this planet has their own “demons” to conquer, and their own battles to assassinate. Also, everyone can be betrayed by somebody the least expect. The most graceful woman that was this tragic soul loved the man I have spoke of but seemed to have been betrayed in one of the most terrible ways, struck down to die only for the power that she possessed and protected out of the pureness of her heart. Others have said a yukai, this man had demon blood in running through his veins, and this woman.. A priestess purifying something sacred. Our Yukai in this terrible event, yes wanted this purified gift, but would never strike down this woman he held deep in his heart... Held so deep it struck sadness and despair just as war has done over the land under his still breathing body. Though, the priestess held the same feelings of truth within, she had only one duty, protect this legend of dominate power. Who really struck this priestess down? If it wasn't the yukai...
None the less, the yukai still saw his one and only chance to steal the legend so he could get what he truly wanted out of life.
.. “I have it...” the yukai thought to himself, “All the power I could ever need.. in the palm of my hand..... What's that..? No... NOOOO!”. Hurling towards him came a, from what he could tell at first, a sharp shining light. Finally, he realized what that was... an arrow.
Terrifying words reached his ears, and thus, that was the last thing that Yukai has heard in fifty years, in a deep black abyss within his own mind.
She died that day. A tragic, but in a sense a heroic death. But him, he was not dead, for he was awaiting the next stage into his destiny. Although, the woman in all reality was burned away with the legend the man had tried to obtain the legend lived on, and the power was widely seeked throughout the land
Even under the earth the priestess that once was was found by an evil aura that had caused all the disaster and despair fifty years ago. Therefore, the legend was now taken by the aura to make the evil grow beyond imagination. The war between life and death has raised to a new level, so the spirit of the priestess still had a duty her destiny was to in a way come back from the grave and continue a battle that must be won in the right of pureness but also revenge.
Wandering this earth searching, living off of lies and the tragicness of all she has seen, she is destined to fight this battle as the legend itself. That's what she truly needs to be at peace, to be released from this unforgiving environment of pain. The smell of dirt and bones constantly follows this woman, but she is as beautiful as the moon on a glimmering night, although, her eyes seem cold and emotionless.
I am the story teller, I am the one that was wedged in between this, whom is the real tragic heart here? We were all left victim, and we are all growing tired, too.
Inside that legend you will FIGHT, just as you wished and hoped for.
I'll put your life to peace, your body like remains. A release you say? Here you go. Driven from the edge you run, but when turned the other way you go seeking like a lioness for the next meal. How could I say such things...?
Now, the war is one the battle is over, the priestess claims to be at peace and tells me not to be saddened she could not be saved by me... Practically her blood.. What does that tell you?
To whom it may concern, I have failed, you are free but now I am who is trapped in a certain state of mind. It's quite like a disease.
Who am I?

The author's comments:
This is based off of a Fuedal Fairy Tale.

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