The Sweetest Bite

October 3, 2009
By , Sulphur, LA
Sleepy nighttime and melancholy love whisper down the white flesh of my throat as you trail your marble fangs down to my collarbone. One hand clutched under my neck, the other lingering along my spine, you cast a sensual spell I cannot resist. I stare into oblivion, into the nothingness around me, and know it is not real. Outside of this world you have created for us, there are people and rules and consequences for what we do. You know it, as I do. How long I have been yours… These five years now, my sweet love, since my twelth moon. You have cherished me since, in the ripeness of my girlhood, and I have lent myself to your being each night, my heart to yours.

I knew what you were that first night I went to you, and saw your black eyes and blacker heart. I saw that dark ink of hair and white flash of skin, and I melted into you without a fight in my being. You tell me over and over again that these feelings I have aren’t real, and that one day you shall dispose of me- me, a weak human. One day when I am not so lovely, not so supple, so sickeningly tender to you… Then you will leave me in this velvet nighttime, cold and alone. You tell me I should leave you, never to return.
But I cannot.
The spark you ignite in my soul is too much for me to refuse.
Before you, my dark angel, I felt nothing. The world was lost without you.
I grasp my hands in your hair, feeling the unearthly coolness of your skin, long ago deceased and lovely and immortal. I sigh your name, as I do whether your in my presence or not. You are my sweet, sweet drug and life without you is no life at all.
I know that one day I will not be so beautiful, and that my dark hair will fade into gray. I know my smooth, white skin will become pocked and wrinkled, rough. My lips will sag, turning discolored.
There is one thing you have begged of me every night since our first meeting. Something that could save me from this mundane deterioration I must be imprisoned by. I must allow you to take away my soul, spirit my being away to become eternally damned- forever yours. The sweetest dream come true, with only one night of unknown in between, the misted bridge I must cross into the paranormal in order to have you clung to me for the rest of our days.
You stop running your fangs down my body once you reach my throat once more. You press your mouth lightly against my skin, playing with your fangs, nipping my skin. You are teasing me, as you normally do, but there is a hunger I sense in you. It is so much greater than the norm. I am riding a terrified high of vulnerability, openly placing myself in your instincts. It’s a dangerous game I take part in… I gamble my life as if I care not.
Do I?
An answer does not come.
Each night, I’ve returned to my home, back to my bed like nothing has happened. My parents, my friends, they know nothing. The whole town is oblivious to my nighttime prince, the man who showed me how to live, how to experience. They notice not the changes I show, the ones I see. The paleness of my skin becoming a stark white, the shadows under my eyes blackening into tender bruises as I spend more and more time in your world, my decreased appetite. I know that it will only take one night, one action, to make me permanent in my state. So what stops me? My desperate love for you is real… I know this from the core of my being outward. Why do I return, day after day, to the human world. There is nothing there for me, except an arranged marriage to a nobleman twice my age.
My eyes are heavy with your presence, sedated as I am. I pull your lips to mine, and kiss you deeply. I taste my blood on your lips, surprisingly sweet. The kiss invokes a fire that makes me quiver, from all of the pent up desire held up by these nights’ past. I feel you press against me, and the warning signals are all gone. There is nothing in me that wants to stop anymore. I know the familiar words are coming, as if scripted.
“Are you ready, my love?”
Your whisper in my ear makes me sigh. Even now, the sound of your voice is too much for my mortal hearing. I feel the tears welling in my eyes at the thing I might lose if I reject you once more. There is nothing stopping you from disappearing after tonight, and then all is surely lost. I know what words you have waited to hear, though the time is much shorter for you, a creature who has no sense of deadlines. But I know that means impatience is not impossible… What if you left?
I would surely kill myself.
So either way I am dead. At least one way guarantees me happiness, the blissful nature the other lacks. There is no contract of Heaven or God… But you are real. You are what waits for me on the other side of death, my own dark angel. I take a sweet, humid filled breath in, and part my lips.
“Yes, I am ready.”

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