That day in May.

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Just this morning I was wishing for something to happen, anything interesting. It was just a typical boring, gray day; I woke up my mom calling me, “Anabell do you want pancakes?”

I answered no and went about my morning. I was the quiet type and usually didn’t talk a lot. After a while I called my cousin, Sarah, and asked if she wanted to come over, she did. Sarah and I are real close, we’ve been friends since I moved here when I was 4. The afternoon rolled past, like a turtle walking by. Sarah and I sat in the living room watching reruns of Spongebob. The day was dull, no sun and kind of cool. Not typical for May, usually being bright yellow and warm with the sounds of birds and children outside playing.

Sarah and I had decided to go outside for a while and get some fresh air. With the sky dark, deep purplish blue, it was hard to make out what looked like a giant penguin shaped flying object. With just the blink of an eye, right in front of us appeared a somewhat large person-penguin looking figure. With it’s large green eyes staring blankly at me it said to us, in some sort of jumbled language like it did not know how to speak this language, “Hello we are here to explore and get pictures of your world so we can take them back to ours.”

Sarah looked at me, the size of her eyes being quarters, then looking at the bluish human figure in front of us, stated her name was Sarah and asked what their names were. Sarah is the type to just blurt out whatever is on her mind. She gets along with every body; she is loud and outgoing also. After a few minutes he replied saying we could call him Rex, and his friend, R.C.A. I looked amazed at him and said my name was Anabell.

After our exchange of names and their reason for being here there was and awkward silence so I asked how they plan to get these pictures and samples, if they needed a camera and belongings of ours? Rex said that those would be perfect. We told Rex and R.C.A. to stay put and we would be back with those things.

After about three minutes of gathering those items we went back out and they were gone. The out of nowhere we heard a crash coming from the kitchen. We ran into the house and found them going though the pots and pans, R.C.A. seeing his reflection, screamed and dropped the pan and it hit the other pots on the ground.

They seemed to have had a camera type device for taking pictures of how Earth looked. I, being the science geek that I am, pulled Sarah to the side and told her that we had to document this. She agreed and we came up with a simple plan to capture them on camera, just to try and hide the camera while taking pictures. I ran to my room and grabbed my flash less camera. Sneaking back into the kitchen I quickly snapped several pictures without them noticing because themselves were taking pictures of the house. It was messy and dirty as if a twister had went through that night before, but to them it did not matter because they didn’t know any better.

After we both finished snapping pictures I quickly hid my camera and then pursued with helping them collect “samples”. They took things like spices, paper towels, ice cubes, ketchup, and cheese. Sarah asked them when they would return home? Rex replying when we finish our mission. I asked if they had enough to end the mission? R.C.A. said yes and that they would be returning soon. Rex, thinking we couldn’t hear, silently said, “Wow humans are pushy.”

Sarah giggled at the remark, then looked at me. Rex saying thank you humans we will be returning now pulled out a straw-like tool. He bent the tool in half and poofed out of the kitchen. We heard a screech and looked out the door, as suddenly as they appeared they disappeared. I went to look back at Sarah and before I spit it out Sarah remarked, “Good thing your mom had to go to work”, I chuckled and agreed.
When we started to look at the pictures they disappeared, and we forgot why we were looking at the camera. I went to put it back, and when I went though the kitchen I noticed that the pots and pans were on the ground, pondering why I proceeded with putting my camera away. After our little breather outside we went back in, picked up the pots and pans and went back to watch more TV realizing it was almost time for my mom to come home. For some odd reason I felt that today couldn’t have been more fun, even though I couldn’t remember the half of it.

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