a secret sun

December 18, 2009
it was a dark and stormy but it was so calm it wasn't normal. i was it in the heart if new york city at midnight and there was no one on the street not even a vempire. witch is what i wanted i needed to find somthing to kill. and the quit was unsettling and even frighting. it was then that i saw it a nastly looking leach i pulled out a silver knife with a wooden end. silver for any wolfes that might be around; wood for any blood sucking b****rd that i saw. i was on a mistion. and she WAS going to complete it. that was to kill any and all evil out there. demons, vampires, wolves, but most of all the black hearted beast that call themself humans. i was NOT a human no metter what my mother was i was the angel of death and love at the sametime a nothing was going to change that.
she saw the leach looking at her

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