Little Turtle

December 17, 2009
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My friends and I were all sitting on the bench in the park, gossiping about all the drama in our high school, when I saw a purple turtle with lady bug wings trotting our way.
“Oh look at that cute little funny looking thing.” I said.

We all jumped up and ran over to it. Tripping over each others feet
“Aww it’s so cute!” My friend Mary laughed.

It took one giant frightened leap away from us. We grabbed each others hands and also took a step back because we didn’t know what it was going to do. Then it marched toward us and it started yanking on my jeans like it was playing tug of war. It was the weirdest creature I had ever seen. It pulled my leg right from underneath me and slammed me down. I kicked it away. Then it came after my leg again, I kicked again and rolled away. I ran a few feet away keeping the turtle in sight. Then the turtle kneeled down and started chattering away like it was apologizing. I felt sorry for it but I didn’t want to push my luck. I stepped closer and closer till I was standing right next to it. It lifted its head and rubbed it against my hand.
“You poor little thing all you want is a friend, I’ll be your friend.” I said.
We walked away and became friends and still are to this day.

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