Who said?

September 5, 2009
By Anonymous

If I would ever had met the person who first started saying the word impossible I would kick his butt. I mean if I wasn’t dreaming and yesterday I really heard on the news that a man climbed the highest sky-scraper in Moscow and in the whole Europe as well than for me anything is possible ‘I believe’ that is what everyone should say when something happens no one should try to find out the trick I mean why do you think magicians aren’t famous? Well here is your answer, because someone said ’’hey how can it be that those persons are flying in mid air’ and people said ’’ye how can it be’ so now everyone has an answer for everything and people lose every chance of making money. Some parents tell their children that Santa doesn’t exist and that makes children grow to be arrogant or bad parents. Verity of things can exist maybe fairies exist there where some report of people that say that they saw with their two eyes fairies fly up and down even though people said they were crazy they still didn’t say ‘’Maybe I didn’t see anything ’’NO! They continue saying ‘’I believe’ and we should too! Why do you think every year there are fewer authors? Because there is less imagination these days .It can be that every time a person say I don’t believe or no that doesn’t exist it’s just a myth well it could be that every time a creature die I mean you believe that dinosaurs exist because you have prove but that doesn’t mean that whatever we know has a prove not everything must have, so if you read this article and don’t believe in fairies or any other creature try to change you lifestyle et up your feet and say ‘’I believe!’’

The author's comments:
Everyday I see children waiting for Christmas for the present and try to make their teeth fall so that their parents put money under their pillow. Where did does beautiful days when children sang Christmas carols slept early on Christmas eve with a smile on their face waiting for Santa to come, go? Well I don't know so I decided to write this article.

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