December 3, 2009
By hworld123 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
hworld123 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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The grass leaked with a rosy orange, every strand of green exploding in delicate wisps of a dying yellow and purple. Smoke danced happily in the moaning breeze, it mindlessly shaking the swaying trees for their burning leaves of purple and red.

My feet brushed quietly against the withering stone that clothed the streets, my stride unmoved as nearby shutters dissolved into lumps of ash below melting windows of glassy crystal and bending frames.

This was my world, yet I remained undisturbed, my limbs calm without any feeling of belonging. It was not an original creation- no long hours spent of experimenting and analyzing.

Simply, stolen.

Do not think blindly of such actions, considering them vulgar of furtive in moral. I had my reasons. You see, ever since I learned of the various grievances on the home planet, I began to dream. Scattered, were these visions, my sleep seeming to dissolve into thoughts of new worlds given each noted end of peace taking place on the home planet. Some dreams preached of endless water, pouring softly into miles and miles of growing lakes and rivers. Others, of luminous forests drenched in a fantasy of pink and white, paths of steady ice running through bountiful groves of red sunflowers and lilacs.
Olympus was a joyously exploited idea, gods and goddesses rejoicing high above floating clouds in Olympus. Golden gates lined with broken rubies and emeralds guarded their utopia of sunlight and tall, roman structures. Pearls marked roads and doors with a distinct elegance that all flowed towards the highest structure of a bright white stone and long, proud pillars.

I imagined various worlds, all distinct and extravagant. Soon I had concluded that these places, these... worlds must be the solution to the home planet’s end. You may call these places alternate dimensions, or, perhaps, our salvation.

Now, becoming an immediate scientist is harder than it seems: you need to know endless details about your subject. I had no idea how to create a dimension, nevertheless an intricate world; however, the idea began to grow on me: how lovely would it be to live in such places of pure fun and happiness. No stress of the homeland.

Around this time was when I met Dr. Beldoin V. Aivilo, a humorously stout man sporting an enormous ego- granted this was full of high achievements in the exact field in which I was developing quite a hunger for.

The author's comments:
To Be Continued... ;D

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