The Boy and His Skateboard

December 2, 2009
By Megan21192 SILVER, Milford, Ohio
Megan21192 SILVER, Milford, Ohio
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Cindy- Jose’s older sister.
Jose- Cindy’s little brother
Javier- Father of Cindy and Jose.
Maria- Mother of Cindy and Jose.
Doctor Smith

Act 1:
(The play starts off at the grocery store with Javier and Maria. Cindy and Jose are having a discussion on the new skateboard that Jose is looking to get himself for his 11th birthday.)

Cindy: You do realize that that particular skateboard is very cheap. Why don’t you get this? (Cindy points at a $150.00 skateboard.)

Jose: That one is cool. However, this one is stylish. (as he points to a $99.99 skateboard)

Cindy: Yeah, that one is cool but that one is way too cheap! It will probably fall apart in the next 3 days.

Jose: Sis, chill out. I‘m getting what I want. You are not the boss of me!

Cindy: Actually, this skateboard is a whole lot better.

Jose: (sarcastically) Oh really?

Cindy: Yeah.

Jose: Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Cindy: You’re on.

(Javier and Maria are coming around the corner.)

Javier: What is taking you so long?

Cindy: Jose wanted to get a skateboard that is $100.00 for his birthday present and I was telling him that he should get this skateboard that is $150.00.

Maria: Cindy, Jose can get what he wants. If he wants to get this skateboard, he can get this skateboard.

Cindy: (snottily) Fine, have it your way!

(Three days later at Javier and Maria’s house.)

Jose: Sis, I am about to prove to you that this is an excellent skateboard!

Cindy: (sarcastically) Uh huh. Sure!

Jose: Watch!

(Jose tries his new skateboard out. He goes to do a big turn, and suddenly on of the back wheels rolls off. Down goes Jose.)

Cindy: I got to get you to a hospital!

Jose: Just please get Dad!

Cindy: No I will call him!

Jose: Okay but hurry! I am in pain!

Cindy: You’ll be okay.

Jose: No I won’t, sis!

(Javier and Maria pull up and they Jose to the hospital.

Maria: We have to get your leg x-rayed.

(Dr. Smith enters

Dr. Smith: Well Jose, I am afraid to say that you broke your leg.


Jose: That can’t be possible. I have a skateboarding competition next week that I am participating in!

Dr. Smith: I am sorry; you will just have to miss it. Now, I need you to keep it elevated whenever you are sitting down. Otherwise, you will need to get around using a pair of crutches.

Jose: Oh, man!

Cindy: what?

Jose: Nothing. It is just maddening that I have to get around with this stupid cast on my leg. I mean I am not crippled.

Cindy: Well maybe you’ll make the next competition.

Jose: I’ll be too old then.

Javier: Jose, the next competition is in…..

Jose: In 30 years!

Javier: No, as I was saying the next competition is a year from now!

Jose: Oh!

( Back at Javier and Maria’s house)

Maria: Get some rest, honey. You are going to need it because you have school tomorrow!

Jose: Are you really expecting me to go to school in a cast?!

Maria: You have to. You have your math test tomorrow remember?

Jose: That’s right, I forgot.

(The next day)

Jose: Hey sis, could you help me carry my bag please?

Cindy: Sure.

Jose: Thanks

Cindy: Jose, can I ask you a question?

Jose: Yeah, sure!

Cindy From what happened with your skateboard, what have you learned?

Jose: That skateboards are cool?

Cindy: Come on Jose you are 11 years old you can do this.

Jose: I know. Plus I am thinking. I think I got it.

Cindy: What? Do you know what it is?

Jose: Yes! No matter how cool something is doesn’t mean it will last forever.

Cindy: Great Job bro!

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