My Disquiet

December 1, 2009
By PaRaNoRmAl94 GOLD, Mountainside, New Jersey
PaRaNoRmAl94 GOLD, Mountainside, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"If you look inside a girl, you'll see how much she really cries.
You'll find best friends, hidden secrets, and lies
You'll find out how hard it is to stay strong
When nothing is right, and everything is wrong"

I felt like I was gasping for air, like I'd been underwater for too long. I even felt the dampness all over my body. Something was bothering me. I heard screaming.
It was me.
I opened my eyes.
I found myself in the school hallway, lying on the floor. Nothing seemed out of place at first. The teacher sat at her desk by the stairs, monitoring the halls. There was cheerful banter that sounded very far off. It must be lunchtime. The most prominent sound though was the screaming.
But I felt numb.
Standing over me, I had a hazy view of a familiar face. Wavy brown hair, two different colored eyes, one of my closest friends. I made an effort to smile at her, but a sharp sudden pain surged through my body, intense in my heart. The pain, the screaming, the tears, and my own blood that she watched me wallow in, all flooded into my brain, finally having reached my senses. The smile she kept filled me with disgust. Suddenly, two small figures floated up to her, they almost reminded me of fairies, and whispered in her ear. My friend's gleeful grin grew wide, literally reaching both ears. Her face began to morph into something unrecognizable. I lay in my blood, petrified, feeling alone, while the three devilish figures watched, clearly entertained.
I looked directly overhead. I saw a different familiar face, one that I knew would never abandon me, leave me to die. He looked down at me lovingly, and I was peaceful, reminded of smiles and laughter. Pictures ran through my head of me being with him, happily giving up my body to someone who deserved it, someone who I could trust would always keep me safe, as a part of himself. I smiled back at him and the pain, the anarchy, the screaming, it all ceased.
And suddenly, he locked eyes with the fairy-girl. She smirked, and giggled. Her voice in the silence was beautifully horrifying. She floated away, taking my friend and the other fairy-girl with her.
My angel faded.
I was alone.

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