Alpha Wolf

November 30, 2009
i ran as fast i could through the trees knowing that if i didnt make it my pack would be attaked. i was the alpha of the pack and it was my job too make sure the four memebers of it were safe at all times. i never wanted this but when alex ran off and married my sister i became alpha. i could hear the howls of the others while i ran. i could tell that the first howl came from caleb. he was warning me that they were getting attacked. but by what i had no idea.
once i reached the clearing i saw Derek,travis,and Blake. I ran up to them.
"where is Caleb?"
Blake answered me.
"we got attacked by leeches.Caleb was fighting with one and they ran into

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Erudite said...
Jul. 31, 2010 at 7:05 am
continueee!! anyways i didnt get the end... =S
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