The Demon within me part Four

December 15, 2009
By Babii GOLD, Garrison, North Dakota
Babii GOLD, Garrison, North Dakota
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A dream you dream alone is only a dream, and dream you dream together is a reality.

I entered closely behind my sister to find the apartment had no furniture, nothing
but a huge gaping glowing hole in the middle of the room. Layla steps toward it. I
jump back afraid.

“Don’t be afraid little brother. I'm taking you home." Layla speaks softly as she motions for me. I take her hand and we jump into the hole. It took hours but it
seemed like only seconds until we were in a whole new world. It was like nothing
I've seen before the trees were plastic, the humans were wooden, blood dripped from everything.

"This is how we mock the human race," Layla tells me. We see them as nothing but wooden tinker toys. The wooden people aren’t real Jude, don't worry." With a
single motion of her hand Layla makes the people disappear. “This is your new home
Jude. I hope you enjoy it.”

We walk along for a very long time. It seemed like forever. I didn’t really understand why we didn’t do our fancy demon jumping crap like before. But, she knows the layout of the terrain better than me so no matter how slow this is going, I better follow her lead.

Suddenly before I know what hits me, I am on the ground looking up at what appears to be a dog. This “dog” thing is like nothing I have ever seen before. Its eyes glow blood red and is fur is matted and chunks of flesh fall from it’s body. It’s like the creature is dare I say it decomposing as it’s attacking.

“Get off of him, Zane. He’s with me,” Layla shouts. While still on top of me the hideous creature morphs into a person. A possible teenager, slightly build with long brown hair shagging over his still blood red eyes.

“Sorry Bro Zane doesn’t take kindly to new comers.”

“Bro,” Zane questioned.

“Yes this is my little brother. His name is Jude; I came to show him the truth about himself.”

“Interesting, very interesting, well I think I’ll come along with you make sure this noob isn’t up to any funny business.”

We began to carry on again Zane by our side. Slowly but surely we approach an old seemingly abandoned cemetery.

“Zane stay here, this might be hard for Jude to see.” Layla speaks ever so quietly.

“I know mortals think demons can’t die Jude, but we can. But, we can only die at the hands of a stronger being. Your parents, well our parents didn’t die by our father’s hand.” “They died because, a stronger demon that we around here like to call Genocide over powered him, and forced him to kill mother and himself.” Layla stopped turned and looked at me before we reach the graves.

“Now Jude, don’t be afraid. Demons don’t die very often so we display our dead instead of burying them, all the bodies of the dead are on display in glass cases.” I step back a little frightened but Layla takes my hand urges me along. I look carefully at all the bodies in these boxes. Some are big, some are small, some are short, some fat, some even children, how horribly sad. We come to two boxes side by side, when Layla stops. Here they are Jude. This is where our mother and father really rest.

I read the names Jacob Kemyss at Shaylin Kemyss.

“I have to admit Layla; I didn’t really even remember their names. It’s been such a long time,” my voice chokes up, so I stop talking and begin to sob.

“I know Jude, I know.” Layla speaks softly to me as she pulls me away before I can get a very good look at them. I’m glad she did, it was probably for the best. We meet back with Zane at the gate and continue to walk, but something is still rattling around in my mind.”

“Layla,” I question. “Why do you look so young? You have to be pushing 40 no offense.”

“Oh Jude, I never did explain. Demons don’t age past twenty one, and unless we get murdered we live forever. Take Zane for example he’s 860,” Layla says ever so calmly.

“Yes, Yes I am,” Zane interrupts. “I saw a lot of things go down on earth, I also caused a lot.”

“We know what you’ve accomplished on earth Zane be quiet, my little brother doesn’t need to know your perverted mortal escapades,” Layla Snaps back. As Layla and Zane argue between themselves we come to a little cottage on the edge of, from what I can see is a bigger town.

“I live here Jude. Go in and make yourself at home,” Layla tells me. I lead the way into the cottage with Zane and Layla following close behind. The cottage is very nice in my opinion. It’s well furnished very elegant stained glass windows, great colors; I think I’ll like it here.

I perch myself on the arm of one of the easy chairs in the corner of the room. Layla pulls up a chair and sits across from me.

“Now Jude, there is a particular reason why I brought you here at this time instead of waiting longer,” Layla tells me. “Remember how I said Genocide killed our parents? Well now he is after us. I myself am not powerful enough to fight him Jude and neither is Zane. But, if we combine the power of all three of us we might be able to take him on.” I stare blankly not knowing really what to make of this.

Suddenly, I feel the walls start to shake.

“He’s here!” Layla shouts. I see blood start to drip from the walls. My sisters chanting fills the room. I believe it’s some sort of spell. Then, I see nothing… The world is black…

The author's comments:
The ending to the first demon within me story

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Wasda BRONZE said...
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Wasda BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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very nice story. are you going to be writing more. plzzzzzzzzz write more plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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