The Demon within me part Three

December 15, 2009
By Babii GOLD, Garrison, North Dakota
Babii GOLD, Garrison, North Dakota
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A dream you dream alone is only a dream, and dream you dream together is a reality.

“What kind of acid have you been taking, man? That doesn’t sound like any kind of trip I’ve had before.” Oh, Nathan and his drug references. Those never get old.
“I’m telling the truth! No drugs, no liquor, nothing in my body other that the cold of the night,” I reply.
“Wow, what a trip man! What I trip, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you just need to relax, play some video games?”
“Sure, Video games. That’s just what I need.”
There we were Nathan and I sitting playing videos games once again. Could we be more counterproductive when were together? I think not. In the middle of a bloody battle with Decepticon robots the voice came to me again, “Jude, Listen to me Jude. You need me, as I need you. Please meet me tonight, please.”
“Get out of my head!” I scream jumping up. “Leave me alone, Leave me alone, Leave me alone!”
“Whoa dude!” Nathan interjected. “I think you need some sleep, maybe?”
“Yes sleep, I’ll nap here.” I say lying down on Nathan’s couch. “Sleep… Sleep…”
I awake several hours later to find Nathan back out in the yard, hunting another unsuspecting creature, only this time it was made more difficult by the glare of the setting sun. Ignoring him, I walk on. I know I have to meet the “Voice” behind the abandoned pub on Maple Street, to gain closure. I know nothing will be there and this will prove that it’s all just my imagination.
Night sets as I walk. It’s nights like this I wish I had my own car. I finally come upon Maple Street. I look around hastily for the pub that the voice had mentioned. Eureka, there it is. I walk over climbing over rusted trash cans and old broken bottles to get to the back of the ransacked old building.
I stand there waiting patiently. One minute passes, two minutes, three minutes, then four. It’s not coming, I decide. I turn to walk away when I hear in the tenderest little voice “Jude, don’t leave. I’m here.” I turn frightened to see of all people the new girl, Layla. I couldn’t help myself but to shout out at her
“What are you doing here, you little creep? Have you followed me all day?”
“No Jude,” she replies. “I have not. You see that little voice in your head that was me.” Layla’s voice began growing deeper and more adult even dare I say slightly more attractive with each word. “I am someone you’re very close to but probably don’t remember,” as she spoke Layla changed from a small shy looking little ragamuffin of a girl into a tall voluptuous woman, with long black hair, big green eyes, and an eerily familiar grin.

“I know all about you Jude. Your parents died when you were young, very young, too young. I would have came and got you but, I was off having my own life. I was just a selfish girl of only 18 please forgive me little brother.”

“Little Brother,” I questioned. “I had no siblings.”

“That’s what they told you little one, you had me. They banished me because I became too powerful, just like your becoming. I saw you shape shift last night, I’ve been watching you ever since I snuck into that affair your foster parents like to call a family.”

“So I shape shifted? It was really me?”

“Yes Jude it was you. Let me tell you brother, you are in great danger. More than you could ever believe. Come with me,” Layla said jumping high onto the roof of the old pub.

“I can’t do that,” I say apprehensively.

“Sure you can,” she assures me. “Just want it; you need to really want it.”

I brace myself. I picture myself jumping, if not jumping maybe even floating to the top of the building. Before I even know it I’m at the top standing next to my newly found blood sister.
“You’re a demon Jude. You can do anything you want, please keep that in mind,” Layla tells me.

"Demon," I say low under my breath. I really don't know what to make of it all,
This is all happening so fast.

“I know it a lot to take in right now Jude. But, I can take you away from this.
I know you hate those people Jude, and you don't think anything of them."

"Follow me. You'll see."

Layla and I begin jumping from building to building flying through the city. It's
Like magic! Wait, I forgot it is magic. We continue on until we come to a beat up apartment complex. Layla leads me in. We make our way down the stairs, stopping at the sixth floor. We come to shoddy looking apartment door marked sixty-six. A demon just happens to be living at apartment six six six, how ironic.

The author's comments:
The third part to the demon within me story

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