Chapter One-First Contact

December 19, 2009
By venus-kasai BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
venus-kasai BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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I felt it coming out the black abyss of space like missile… Then on the horizon an explosion of brilliant red and orange fire. It illuminated the sky like a supernova but did not completely destroy the planet which was most surprising. A wave of energy blasted out and sent me crashing to the floor of my ship and then I felt her consciousness echo through my mind like a taunting incubus. Only I could sense it at that great magnitude and I identified her essence perfectly. I could feel what she felt instantly since she was unknowingly broadcasting her presence to every living thing in the galaxy.

“Start phase one now!” I shouted to my subordinates from the cold floor; I had warned them not to attend to me prior to the mission, I had known what would happen. The tormenting throb in my head did not ease as it should have but it increased in severity as my ship moved swiftly towards the site of the destruction. If not I, then someone else would have claim of the extremely valuable bounty that had caused the explosion all to themselves. I needed it more than any of the other selfish jerks in the galaxy and I would destroy anything that got in my way, even one of my own. But unfortunately time was against me.

As I drew closer to it, the pain was unexpectedly becoming less mind numbing. Whether I was willing it to cease or if she was gaining control over herself I wasn’t sure but if it was the former, time was slipping from my fingers quicker then I had guessed.

“Send the robots out immediately.” I ordered.

“Temperatures outside are above four hundred degrees sir.” warned my second.

“That is why we are using robots instead of you people. Do it now, they will make it. We are loosing our chance.” I was growing impatient explaining.

The bridge was busy with people running back and forth from station to station. The mission had been at the last minute and most of my soldiers had been on temporary leave.

I rose and looked out of the very large bridge window. The weather on Incendius was nothing but beautiful. The clear shallow water illuminated everything above it with the planets naturally internal glow. The orange sky, filled with it’s enormous clouds that held the six major elf cities in this part of the galaxy blew by effortlessly on the wind, everything was especially bright that day.

The dazzling water that my ship hovered above was being buffeted by the chaotic wind outside, although the ship was completely safe since it was originally built for space travel, the energy originating from not two hundred yards away was causing a complete change in climate for the planet, there were almost never any waves on Incendius and the water had begun a slow boil.

“We are directly above the subject and the robots are being dispatched now.” said my second again.

I waited in silence and then the extreme conditions outside stopped abruptly.

“The subject is in our procession sir.”

“Good. Bring it to the bridge and make preparations to leave immediately. Set a course for Earth.” I said and not a minute later the two main doors slid open and a hovering metal casket made of steel was brought in. Angry red and orange light was flickering from the glass that viewed the inside chamber of the casket. Immense heat was emanating from the box and the surface of the glass looked like it was going to crack at any minute.

I approached it slowly and gestured with my hands that everyone should back up. I looked through the glass, the thing inside almost took my breath away with it’s absolute beauty. Wavy hair the color of fresh blood, skin the same hue as soft pink pearls, and the figure of a divine goddess.

“What a tempting illusion” said Metatron absently in my mind, he was just as captivated as I.

As I gazed down on the immaculate being a new pain entered my mind before I could defend myself against it. It stabbed and ripped through my thoughts until Metatron stopped it in its tracks like holding down a restless child.

“LET US GO!” howled a voice that I had not heard in an eternity. It’s demonic aura was so potent that chills rolled down my spine like a cascading waterfall. I rose my hand slowly and pressed one of the large buttons that was embedded on the side of the metal casket. It gave off a bluish glow and as I pushed it there was a soft spraying sound as the metal immediately froze. The pain stopped and the foreign consciousness faded away leaving only a few scars on my mind that would never heal.

“Such a fierce protector.” I thought and smiled grimly, I should have been more careful.

“Yes…do you think they will remember what has happened? asked the Angel.

“Are you afraid Metatron?” I asked him vaguely.

There was a pause as he thought slowly to himself.

“These two are not to be trifled with. We have learned that the hard way on numerous occasions. They are both considered demons by both of our own species.” he warned calmly.

They were both undeniably powerful separated but together they were invincible. I remembered back to a time when the two monsters had joined and all things had coward away from them with pure fear in their hearts, including me. They had done amazingly great and then absolutely terrible things and were remembered with both awe and animosity by the different races of the galaxy.

“I realize that Metatron, but they were both dealt with accordingly.” I replied.

“They were killed, yes. But have you forgotten that the two of them have defied every single law that has been put in place by nature itself? Thanks to the powers of your race, killing them is not effective anymore.” he said.

“Have you forgotten that imprisonment was promised to them before they were executed hundreds of years ago? I reminded him.

“It will only be a matter of time before they escape.” he said negatively.

“Then I will take care of them just as I did before.” I said dismissing the conversation casually.

“Take this to the lab and start phase two. Make sure to give her the right dosage of morphine. ” I said coldly as I turned away from the newly frozen box and back to the bridge. It was time to contact the elves.

The author's comments:
The first chapter of The Elementals Saga, The Elven Wars.

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