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December 12, 2009
By trivialartform BRONZE, Kettering, Ohio
trivialartform BRONZE, Kettering, Ohio
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It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain"

They were wrong.

They told us it would be for the better. They said they knew what was wrong with society, and that they could fix it- but they were wrong.
Now look at us.

My eyes can see everything- I don't look at you, I look through you. I can no longer feel you, but I process everything I touch, and I know how it should feel. My body seems heavier when I know they have only taken away. The most essential things to sustain life become useless when matched with their technology. My mind works more than ever before. It always feels as though it wants to explode, but I know that's impossible because of them. "The mind is the most precious element". My life has been destroyed- but I am not dead. I am a cross- a hybrid- between humanity and their technology.

They came and found our imperfect planet and claimed that they knew how to fix us. Although, even our primitive species knew we didn't need perfection- but that wasn't until afterwards. Humanity jumped at the chance. Hundreds of thousands of people volunteered to be of the one-hundred selected few to undergo a transformation that would benefit all of humanity. I was just one of those hundreds of thousands of people who wanted, and I became one of the hundred who were selected.

July 29th 2027.
One-hundred people around the world jump on an airplane to Washington D.C.. At exactly 2:00pm we were told to form a circle around the Washington Monument, and we did what they said. At the stroke of 3:00 they took us. We were boarded on a ship much like the UFO's you used to see in science-fiction movies, and were separated into rooms.

My room was very white and empty except for a long white table in the center of the room. They gathered around and had me lay on the table. They lowered a mask to my face that covered my mouth and nose. Then they released a gas that made me sleep, and I became a dormant cell until July 29th, 2028.

July 30th, 2028.
Their ship arrives once more in America and we come back through the Washington Monument. The light is penetrating but my new eyes quickly focus. Everything is strange. I hear a voice.

"The new age is upon you now. This new race of mechanical humans will lead you to the era of perfection that you have strove to achieve. We will be back when you are ready to take the final step into that new era."

The crowd cheers as they leave, knowing that they were growing closer to their ultimate goal of perfection, and we were proud of what we were... until they shunned us.

Over the next decade we tried to help. No criminal comitted a crime and went free. We did what was expected of us and what we knew was our purpose because they had etched it into our programming- but the humans resented us. They put up with us for a while but then finally said enough. They hated us. They were jealous of our perfection. One by one the few of us were destroyed by the humans, and one by one, the survivors of our species went into hiding.

But this was not our purpose. Our purpose was to help the humans, but the humans didn't want our help. We spent half a century in seclusion until some of us decided to try again. They took their job secretly, and succeeded for a while, until rumors started about robots lurking in the dead of night. What was once hatred turned to fear. Because of this, our mission was again a failure, for our purpose was not to be feared by the humans. In an attempt to regain their trust, those who had tried again revealed themselves to the population . They were quickly destroyed.

Over the centuries our kind tried and failed again and again. I knew these attempts would only lead to our destruction, so I stayed in seclusion. Although, maybe that was the ultimate reason why they kept trying. Maybe because they knew it was the only way to end their terrible half life. Maybe they really did know more than me, because now I'm the last one. With the humans gone I have no way to die.

I really don't know how it happened. One day, after there was none of my kind to be found, I ventured out of my underground hiding place and found nothing. To this day I still think it was the last rebellion. The last few of us had spoken of it in the past but I never knew if they had carried it out. They plotted to spend the last of their existence destroying the very people who had spent centuries hating them. It woud have been easy for them- we had always been superior to the humans. Whatever the case I knew one thing was for sure...

They never came back for us.

They came and changed us. They altered us only for us to be shunned and to live forever in hiding. Then they told us they would come back for us, but they never did. They came and instead of giving us the first step towards perfection, gave us the first steps toward the appocalypse.

Now I live in a post-appocalyptic apartment, hooked into a machine, awaiting the day the energy runs out and I slip away.

My systems are deteriorating and I am unaware of my surroundings. I never notice the creature that strides across the floor to my side. I'm not aware when that very force downloads my entire memory bank. I don't hear the voice exclaim but one word to himself as he finally shuts down my system.


And finally the blackness consumes me.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this peice came from a song by regina spektor's CD "far". The theme is how don't need perfection to function properly and be happy. I hope y'all like it!

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on Jan. 5 2010 at 6:32 pm
...PensiveGurl... PLATINUM, Aurora, Colorado
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I like this story! You know, I wrote a story a little like this one in terms of the whole robot hybrid thing. I submitted it but it's not on here yet...

I only told you so that if you saw it and read it, you wouldn't be confused, or think that I was stealing...

So yeah, I loved it! >.<


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