Zero's Diary Chapter 1

December 4, 2009
This is the diary of the hero of legends friend, Zero. After zero left with The princess of the Twilight Realm, Midna. Everyone was left wondering. . . What happened to him and midna? This is his diary of what happened. Hope you enjoy. My name is Zero. I left with Midna to the twilight realm after she shattered the mirror of twilight. I now live as her top guard and her closest friend. "Princess Midna" I said, "Ah Zero, what is it you need" she replied in a calm voice, "Princess an army of Shadow Kagaroks are outside what should I do?" I asked, she didnt reply after a few minutes but then she answered "Bring their leader to me i wish to have a word..." she was saying "Princess thats to dangerous for your current state i mean dont you remember what happened last time with the shadow bublins!" I interupted, "SILENCE ZERO!" she yelled angrily as sudden fear shot through me, "If I am correct you don't tell me what to do Zero!" she yelled, "I...I am sorry princess it's just that....the way we have been feeling since we know who." I said in a way so she wouldnt yell at me again. I saw her look away and a tear roll down her cheek as she began to cry because she remembered who we left almost a month ago. I walked up to her and wiped the tear from her cheek, "Thank you Zero, now go and get rid of the kagaroks for me ok." she said happily, "Huh, oh ok princess i will." i said as i dashed out of the door at high speed. Later I came through the door and saw her lying on the floor motionless, " Princess!" i screamed as i rushed up to her motionless body, "Princess are you ok what happened to you, answer me princess!" I yelled and was relieved to see her awake, "Oh zero what happened all i remember is going to go to the kitchen and make me food but then I passed out." she said tiredly as i helped her up. She wobbled side to side as if she was going to fall again so i picked her up and carried her up to her room as she tried to hide her blushing face. I put her in bed and covered her up in her blanket to let her sleep. "Get some rest princess and i will check on you later ok." I said as i was ready to leave her to rest. "Zero wait...can you make me some food please?" she asked as i heard her stomach growl at her. "Sure i will i will bring it up later ok." i said s my own stomach growled at me. Midna began to laugh and so did I. I went downstairs and made us some food. I ate first because i needed to keep my energy up. I kept wondering why she was blushing. Maybe she liked me or even loved me. I went and brought her food up to her but I knocked and went in very quietly because she was asleep. I set her food by her bed but when i put the tray down she awoke. "Zero is that for me?" she asked sleepily, "Yes princess it is for you" I told her as she began to sit up and eat. "Thank you zero that was delicious and please stop calling me Princess ok, call me Midna" she winked at me. "Ok then MIdna" I said.

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