Don't Paus for Breath

December 10, 2009
It happened like this I was waiting inside for the telephone to ring
because I wanted to talk to you
but instead of the pone the doorbell sounded so I went
to answer it only all that was there was a rolling mist
a fog that trickled into the house and engulfed me I
don’t know what it really was except totally unnatural
I felt cold and hopeless and scared but then thank goodness
the door slammed shut and the fog got sucked out under
the crack and I was free
while my cat sat licking his paws and eyeing the door contemptuously
as if to say don’t try that again I’m too smart for you
and now I am sitting in the livingroom still waiting for
the phone hoping it is you and that you will be able to come
and save me because the fog has surrounded the house and the cat
no longer looks smug as the window rattle and the door bulges inward toward

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