A Lunge Into the Unknown (Part One)

December 8, 2009
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“Well alright there, I’ll just take you up to your room now,” said a plump looking lady with a rich British accent. Her hair was graying on the sides and was pulled out into a frenzied bun at the base of her head. Morgan couldn’t help but to just stare. She was just so, cute almost. Just round and cheery, she seemed like such a sweet person. She smiled slightly and followed her up the grand staircase that ran in the middle of the grand old house. She presumed that it was an old nobles house in the renaissance era, but now it was just a Children’s’ Home. At the top of the staircase, the hallway split in either direction and they turned left walking down the end of a short hallway a large wooden door. The lady pushed open the door with her palm and it glided open with a sort of welcoming ease. She looked into a large, open room with wooden floors. There were rows of windows that lined the back wall and light from the outside spilled into the room. Beds were spread around the room in an undecipherable pattern. Behind each randomly strewn twin bed, was a coat rack in which girls clothes hung in a row. There were mirrors on the right side of the room along with sinks and a door to what she presumed was the bathroom. When she took in the grand splendor of the room, she had a sneaking suspicion that the it used to be an old ballroom fashioned into living quarters. No matter what it started as, she was grateful just to be here.

“If you’ll just come over here?” The plump women asked with a gesture of her hand. Morgan had hardly realized that she had stayed rooted in the doorway, taking in the effect of the room. She nodded with a small smile and followed her to where she stood with a gesture to as small bed parked next to one of the large windows.

She nodded with a smile at the lady and she smiled in return and took this as her dismissal. As she left she turned back when she reached the door way and said, “Remember if you need anything just ask me, Madame Agatha, and don’t forget do not go onto the fourth floor. It is off limits.” She smiled another warm smile and said, “I’m just glad you’re here.” She looked as she was going to say something more, but apparently decided not to as she took a small breath, shook her head slightly, and with a smile exited the room. Morgan looked around again still in shock just to be here. This was much better than those cold London nights. She dropped her back pack down behind her bed at the foot of the rolling coat hanger and just sat down her bed. She didn’t care if it wasn’t much, it was all hers. She looked out the window and saw the snow bright on the garden below. She could see a pond out in the distance frozen over, and now she knew why the room was so bright, the sun reflected so brightly off of the fallen snow it almost burned her eyes.

“Hey new girl, you’re supposed to report for your first session now,” said a voice with a very proper English accent behind Morgan. She turned around and saw a girl who basically looked completely opposite of her. Instead of Morgan’s long blond hair and freckles, she had dark brown hair and olive, smooth skin. Her eyes were a deep brown, the color almost of mud unlike Morgan’s which were a bright golden color. She was tall where Morgan was short, she was plump where Morgan was lean. It was an odd feeling of looking into a fun house mirror that construed all of her features. “Hello, did you hear me Goldie?” She asked impatiently, tapping her foot. “I had to run all the way up here to tell you so it’d better be worthwhile.”

Morgan started to walk back out of the room and turned to the girl as she walked out, “Where is The Session?” She asked with a thick Southern American accent.
“Down the stairs to your right.” She said curtly. She looked at Morgan with a face of almost disgust, assumedly at her accent. Morgan walked out of the room trying not to look back at the rude girl. She walked down the short hallway and started down the staircase and arrived in the main hall. She turned to her right and saw a small wooden door. She thought it looked as promising as anything else. As she was about to turn the knob, she saw something flash at the left corner of her eye. When she turned to look, she caught the back of a white dress whipping around a corner. She smiled at the thought of a girl running and playing, but for some reason whenever she replayed it in her mind, she got the hair raising feeling on the back of her neck. She decided not to think about the mysterious running girl again.
She opened the door to the room and stood facing a small room that was propped with two plump chairs facing each other, in front of a wide oak desk. At the desk stood a man with glasses poised down on the end of his nose. He looked up at her through his rounded spectacles as she walked in and motioned for her to sit down in one of the chairs. She took a seat gingerly in the chair on the right and sat looking around at the array of books that covered the walls of the small room. Every wall had bookshelves carved out of it. Complete with an array of different books that sat on the shelves. He stood up suddenly and stretched taking his glasses off and laying them down on the desk. He walked over slowly and Morgan can now see his face better. He looked about in his mid twenties. He had a smooth face, blue eyes, and short cropped hair. “Hello.” He said with what sounded like a plain American accent. He put out his hand for her to shake and she grasped it. His grip was firm and his hand was smooth like a person who does no manual labor. “I’m Doctor Heather.” Her face became instantly stony faced and he joked, “I know it is a weird name.” He said with a wink, but her face did not light up. “Oh you’re worried about the doctor part. It’s just precautionary really. From what I’ve read you’re a smart girl so you’ll understand what I’m doing. We just need to a get a psychiatric evaluation of anyone entering the home and continued evaluations as you stay at the home. This aside from being a home for…abandoned children,” He said choosing his words carefully after squinting his eyebrows in thought, “is also one for children that need reform. Therefore we find it only fair that we evaluate all of the children. You understand?”

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