When Time Stops Part 3: The Theory

December 8, 2009
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I slowly walked up to the statue that was supposedly my father. I gntly lay my hand on his shoulder. Stiff, but not dead. His pen was poised perfectly in the middle of his signature on one of the numerous papers he signed day after day.
What's going on?, I thought. Finally, all the evidence came together to form one conclusion: I stopped time. I've watched many movies and read countless books about this power, but have never in my whole life thought it was existant.
I quickly trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen. I picked up a glass of water left over from lunch and poked at the liquid. My finger slowly pressed into it like it was slime. I then let go of the glass and it remained in the same spot, suspended in midair.
I walked through the living room and into the foyer. I stared at the grandfather clock for what seemed like forever before i saw it: the tiniest movement of the second hand. Only my eagle eyes could see it, it was so minute.
It was then when I created my theory:
Time never stops, but it can be slowed down enough for you to roam wherever you want and no one can see.

To be continued...

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