Love Mysterious

December 7, 2009
By AmarePerSempre BRONZE, Wintersville, Ohio
AmarePerSempre BRONZE, Wintersville, Ohio
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"You can't feed a kid in Africa for that"

You know the guy who doesn't care what anyone thinks. The guy who does what he wants when he wants to? Well that would describe me. My therapist told me to write in this notebook so i can get my anger out in the open instead of using violence and "acting out". I hate my therapist...

Well I'll describe myself to you little piece of paper. I'm 6'2 with black hair and dark eyes. I have a small acne problem and a freckle on my eyelid. I wear jeans and tshirts all the time and in general i'm misunderstood i guess.

I attend a high school in Idaho and i can't wait to get out of this hellhole. The teachers misjudge and the kids ridicule. I'm going to be a junior by the way. School starts tomorrow and golly gee whizz i can't wait. Did I mention I'm sarcastic? My love situation has definitely gone downhill since my last girlfriend. Ah....Josie. Now she was a spark in a dark flame. Then the train derailed and she cheated. I'm not anything special so I see why she did so. We dated for about a year. I started cutting myself and fell into the whole "emo" stereotype. My stepdad discovered and I was immediately sent to a mental institution. There I watched 3 kids commit suicide and to be honest... I will never be the same person. After I was released a few months later I had to be sent to therapy for 5 days a week. Every day. After School. "Welcome to Hell" screamed my brain. I have been going to therapy for 3 solid months now and my brain still screams the same exact thing. Well little piece of paper I am going to sleep and to hopefully wake up in a better place than this.

Marco awoken to the buzzing alarm next to his sleeping head. He slowly got dressed and walked to school but on the way something strange happened. There was a girl sitting on a rail. She was dressed in all black with specks of red on her pale cheeks. Marco looked at her with compassion and asked 'What is wrong?". The girl ran away. This continued for the next 5 months every single day. In February, Marco finally grabbed her and took her in an alley. "Now! "I have had it!" He spoke. "You will tell me why you are here everyday!" The girl didn't speak but instead took his hand. She nodded. "What are you doing" he asked. The girl ran with him. Marco looked scared and curious. Finally, she led him into the dark woods. "I am Darcie" she said softly. "I am your fantasy" "What!?" he screamed. "You have dreams. Big dreams" she spoke. "You are a magical person. Everyday I have watched you. I have decided to let you experience your own imagination in real life" Marco stood there stunned. He started to speak and suddenly fainted.

A few hours later , Darcie had him laying on a cloud. He awoke slowly. "Wh-Where am I" he asked. "On a cloud" Darcie replied. He looked around. He touched the air. He touched Darcie's face. He touched the soft cloud. "Wow" was all Marco could say and think. "So this is everything in my entire imagination?" he asked. "Yes Marco." Darcie spoke. "Your wildest dreams are here since the day you were born." "From climbing up to the counter to being able to fly" Marco had a sudden burst of excitement and jumped off the cloud. He was not falling, though. He was flying. He flew in circles , above imaginary creatures, around Darcie, and through the clouds. Darcie laughed as he finally landed. "That was amazing!" he said. "This is what you thought of Marco. This is why you are amazing" Darcie said. Marco blushed a bright red. "Wait... What about my friends and family and the rest of the world?" he asked curiously. "Oh do not worry. They are all okay" Darcie said. Suddenly, Marco kissed Darcie. Their lips met with a tender passion. So much that sparks and fireworks proceeded to go off. Darcie withdrew herself. "Oh and Marco" she spoke. "What?" Marco asked. "Whatever happens in your imagination..... happens here." Marco smiled wildly and kissed Darcie more. Marco lived happily with Darcie. They had children and pet elephants. Pollution was an unknown thing. Everybody was happy.

All of a sudden Marco was no longer in his fantasy.
He looked up at his normal bedroom ceiling and his many band posters. He heard his alarm go off. "This cannot be right he thought" He ran around his room like a madman. Furthermore, he proceeded to trip over a tiny piece of paper. It read..
Dear Marco,
As I told you whatever you imagine happens in your fantasy. You imagined you were back at home so that is what happened. Your experience was a one time deal. You can no longer come back. I am extremely sorry. Everybody is fine and no need to worry. If you found love in your fantasy you can find it in reality.
I love you , Marco
Marco shed a tear and laid in his bed.
The sun shone through his window.
He got up and walked out the door.

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