The Helper

December 8, 2009
I walk alone in the woods until i am lost deep in the dark woods the night is falling the moon is rising it is a big bright yellow moon you can see the face. A howl in the distance i hear. My long blond hair fly over my face as i look towards the direction of the howl. "Is the wolf sad? Just howling, or is it that its alone and hungry?" My bright blue eyes pierce the darkness of the woods and shine like a light. I smell the scent of blood in the air. My eyes change from the blue to a deep blood red. Fangs appear and I run toward the smell. "where are you mortal I smell you" I found where a bloody mortal lay in the dark green grass near a small stream "your dieing." I say to the twitching body "help me please" the body says its a girl her eyes bright green blond hair and about 5'2 blood coming from her side from the wolf that howled. "fine but you will owe me later in life" I bite her neck and inject my blood into her the wound heals, and she gets up and looks at me "Thank you I'm Kiroshie Kinina and you are miss" "I'm Ren Miyazawa and now you are a vampire please follow me and I will train you." be continued

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