The family I thought I knew

November 24, 2009
By afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Momma didn’t make it through my birth. A few moths before I was supposed to arrive she caught a malady, she stayed alive long enough for me to grow strong in her tummy. Sadly the birth was too much for her to handle. She left me in this nefarious desert with no mother to care for me. Little did I know, I would be under the scrutinizing eye of the elder lions.
The elder lions prance around the desert with their necks long and heads held high. They make all the rules: sleeping arrangement, who drinks from the refreshing water hole first, and how the food is divided. Normally a lion’s mother advocates for a cubs drinking turn, sleeping spot, etcetera. Seeing as momma has passed on, and my father had been kick out of the family, I was on my own.
I quickly learned the elder lions had lists and lists of vexatious rules, most of with being amicable only towards themselves. Why would I want to be in a family like this, what I though the elders were doing to help us was really hurting our family as a whole. I decided to see what else the elders were hiding from us.
At first my efforts were ineffectual, exams were coming up and I still needed to learn how to jump over a cactus and dig a hole I could fit in, in less than 20 seconds. I had loathed to learn those skills all semester because of their difficultly but if I wanted to become a level two hunter I had to pass this exam.
Once I passed my exams I started my investigation again. Their were two things I wanted to learn about our family, why the elder lions were trying to hurt us, and why my dad had been kicked out of the family.
Being the astute cub everyone knew me to be, I slowly climbed out of my assigned sleeping spot. The elders had a meeting every third Thursday of the month, I had to listen to see if I could find out anything. The clouds wrapped the moon so tightly I couldn’t see anything, but I did hear the faint sound of whispering in the distance. I tip toed across the sand, making as little sound as possible. When I was close enough I buried myself into the sand, creating a blanket so I could not be seen.
“I was surprised Mufasa passed his exams today, He didn’t seem ready at all during his pre exams last week.”
Mufasa that’s me! I had approached the meeting at the perfect time.
“Do you see him flirting with Katie; he is reminding me of his father.”
“He knows nothing of his father, or of him getting arrested for solicitation.”
What my father was arrested for solicitation, he broke the most important code of our family and ran off to las desert, my poor mother I wonder if she had any idea.
“ and he will never know, but I do believe he is on to our plan, our plan to kill off our family, so the government will give us the life insurance and we can finally vacation in the palm springs. “
That’s what the planed to do, kill off their family for a vacation in the Palm Springs.
“All we need to do is make it look like a pack of hunters came and that vacation is as good as ours.”
I couldn’t stand this anymore; I ripped off my blanket of sand creating a small sand tornado surrounding me and the elders,
“You can not ruin our family like this” I said
“There is nothing you can do now, the plans already underway.”
“I will kill you, all seven of you, make it looks like hunters did it.” I replied
“You wouldn’t.”
“I would, I am much more youthful and strong then all of you put together, you have to options banish this place and never return, or fight me”
Each elder slowly rose and descended into the internal darkness. The elders, who told my dying momma they would watch over me, left my family for ever.

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