The Bridge on Porter Street 10/10

November 23, 2009
By jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
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I ran into the room but felt a sharp pain in my neck. I reached at my neck and pulled out a dart. I fell to the floor and I became paralyzed. I saw a dark figure in the chair as it slowly rocked back and forth. I looked around the room more and realized that everything was symbolizing satin. “What’s going on and what happened to Silva”
“Calm yourself.” Said the tall dark figure as he stood up from his chair. “You will soon become part of the evilest creation in history.”
“What do you mean?”
“You see I worship the dark side and practice it, I found a way to create this evil into a human being. However something went wrong, instead of forming all of this evil into human, it became a blob. But this night all of this is going to change All Hollows Eve.”
“What did you do with Silva?”
“You see, the blob became more powerful after each victim so it now can shape shift into its victims. The same thing that happened to Silva is going too happened to you. This evil needs a permanent body you see. The blob will slowly go inside your body and start to devour your insides; it will mold around your bones and create new invincible body structure. Your mind will slowly dissolve and think nothing but sin. Soon you will be the most known serial killer and sinner in the world.”
I watched the blob slowly enter the room. As I think of the past my mind fades in and out. I try to keep the enormous evil thoughts out of my head but I am not in control anymore as I kill with no remorse. There is nothing left I can do, I don’t exist anymore. The only things that are left are my skeleton and the blob that uses it to form a new me.

The author's comments:
The Bridge on Porter Street part 10.

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