The Bridge on Porter Street 4/10

November 23, 2009
By jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
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I rested my hand on the bridge railing and felt a sharp, vitriolic burn. I yelped and drew my hand back. I shined the flashlight were I put my hand to see what it was. There was a residue of green slime. As I looked closer it seemed to be mixed with blood. I looked at my hands but they were not bleeding. As I looked closer to the edge of the bridge I saw something that looked like fingertips. I leaned over an inch more and saw an alarming sight! It was a dislocated arm that seemed to be hanging over the side of the bridge like it was trying to hold on to it. I looked at the bottom of the bridge. I saw Tim’s head but there was no body. He seemed to be wrapped in this slime. I shrieked as the slime started to ooze up the side of the bridge towards me.
I ran like a mad man, so terrified that I could not scream. I looked back at the bridge and saw the blob of green slime reaching for the railing. I was so busy looking at that I was unaware that I was about to run into the stop sign. I felt a thump on my head and fell to the ground. Everything started to blur out and turn into darkness.
I started to wake up and heard a beeping sound. It sounded like my alarm clock. “Oh thank god it was only a dream again”. I opened my eyes but there was nothing familiar around me. The beeping was coming from a heart monitor. Then it came to me, I was in the hospital. Later on some police came in the room. They informed me that they have found a body where they found me. They started to get into detail and later revealed that it was Tim’s body. The cops then asked me if I knew anything about his death. I told them my horrifying encounter with the blob. The two policemen looked at each other and than back at me. “He must have got hit in the head pretty hard or he is mentally unstable.” One of them said.
“I AM NOT MENTALY UNSTABLE!” I screamed in a furious manner.
The cops took one step back in shock as a nurse came in with a bowl of green gelatin for me.
“Get that away from me!” I screamed as I kicked the tray causing the bowl to smash against the wall.

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Part 4 of The Bridge on Porter Street

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