The Curse

November 23, 2009
By Skierpup BRONZE, Priarie Village, Kansas
Skierpup BRONZE, Priarie Village, Kansas
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As I made my way down the school hallway, I saw at least three people give me the evil eye. It seems like I am the only one who gets these threatening stares. I have a feeling there is another person somewhere in my school of magic who has the same curse as me.

My family was cursed around a century ago. My great grandmother was a very popular person, which made her have a larger than life attitude towards everyone. One day the queen of fairy town was done with my great grandmother’s attitude, she put a cruel curse on our family for the next century. We only have around a year until the curse is gone from our family and I can’t wait.

The curse is a strange one for sure. If I am within twenty feet of anyone wishing their weekly wish I would either add a word or take a word away or replace one word. Say their wish is “I wish I have a good weekend, it might become, “I wish I have a bad weekend.” And the person knows when I accidently change their wish because they say it the ways I make it become. It is the worst thing that could ever be cursed on a thirteen year old because than everyone in your school hates you.

I met my best friend Molly in the hallway, she said, “Hey Maddie, what’s up?”
Then I replied with the same old, same old, “good.”
We headed to class with our normal conversation of gossip going around the school for that week. Molly is my friend for many reasons, but the biggest reason has to be that she has not wishing powers what so ever. She had to beg the school to allow her in; she is not allowed to tell any of her school mates but the ones she knows she can trust, including me.
We made it to first hour; I only got around three people stare at me in the way you can tell you messed something up. That was the lowest it has been for the whole week. That class was no different from the day before and I was ready to get out of that class.
The bell finally rang and Molly and I were on our way to get out books for our next class. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Josh, the cutest and most popular kid in class, coming right toward us. I was right he was coming for us, not the people who are usually behind us. He some up and did not even look at Molly, only me. Hey said the normal, “Hey.”
Than the conversation got a little more important, “ I’m sorry for giving the evil stare earlier today, I was not mad at you I just need to fit in here a little better.”
Than I was confused, I asked him y he needed to fit in better.
His answer surprised me, “I have the same curse as you, I mess up people’s wishes too, and you are the only other one in the school who is like me that I know of. I was thinking we could talk sometime about how we deal with it and stuff.”
I was so shocked! I could not say a word; all I did was nod my head and he walked away like it was no big deal. This had to be the most important part of my young life.
After thinking I was the only on e in our world besides my family who had this, I finally had something in common with a kid in my school. Not just a boy, but the most popular boy in school.
He wasn’t lying, the moment I got home from school that day the phone rang and it was him! Josh was the most truthful boy probably in the whole school. We talked for almost an hour on the phone. We talked about how we avoid getting the evil looks and who we have told and practically everything there is to know about our curse. It turns out that he given the curse almost the exact same way, but he was not allowed to tell me about it.
Now that I know I am not alone, and I will always have someone to talk to about this horrible curse, I think life will be a lot easier. I am so glad Josh decided to open up to me, and now we can be good friends for what I hope can be forever.

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