The Bus Ride

November 23, 2009
One morning while riding the city bus to my college I noticed something different about the Dick's. The parking lot was filled all the way up with cars like a normal store of its stature. I convinced myself that this was because it just opened. Though no sign said anything about it. It also had a really big parking lot like you see in front of other big franchise stores. I tried not to think about it for the rest of the day. Later on the ride home the bus screeched to a stop directly in front of Dick's. We all stared in wonder and in confusion. All 30 of us (Yes, I counted) saw the big gaping whole in the front of Dick's approximately 30 feet high ad 10 feet wide. The cars in the parking lot looked like toys all pushed to the sides of the parking lot kind of forming a path to the whole. There was roar like nothing anybody had heard before. The bus driver stepped on the gas but it was to late, its skull broke the bus in two like it was a twig. Several people went flying out of the bus. I knew almost instantly what it was. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Did I mention I studied dinosaurs? How it got here wasn't important at the moment. Everyone jumped off the bus and ran in various directions. Most of us ran away from the store. towards the forest the T-Rex cut us off quickly and we froze in our tracks. To my left the bus driver and several people following, kept running into the forest. The T-Rex roared and chased them into the forest. I studied it quickly. It was big with brown scales, sharp teeth, small arms, powerful legs, and a long tail. Then I promptly turned and ran towards the the store. They were most likely goners. I counted how many of us made into the store, 20. I looked around after I caught my breath and calmed down a little. The Dick's was two stories, until the T-Rex came and ruined it the isles were all knocked over and broken to the sides and back. The broken inventory crushed on the ground and all along the sides. There were also some blood spots on the ground and walls, but no bodies. I noticed a section that was relatively untouched. There gun section was fine except the broken glass containers. But the gun section was abnormally large with more than just hunting rifles, it had shotguns and machine guns and even a launcher of some sort. I had played video games before so I knew what they did just no there real names. Then an escape plan blossomed in my head.

My plan was to go look for working cars with keys inside it was a long shot, but it was an option to escape. We were going to take the guns with us in case the T-Rex came back. Only half of us got guns, though one of us managed to get the rocket launcher. Everyone with the guns ran outside, but before we got close to any of the cars we heard the roar again. We froze with fear staring at the evergreen forest. It burst through the forest again.l I could smell the dead carcass smell emanating from it. A couple of us dropped the guns and ran back into the store. Surprisingly the T-Rex ran past us and into the store. We were too scared to move. I don't remember if any of us shot at it. A lot of screams and roars came from the store. The T-Rex emerged from the store, the smell of death even stronger now. We opened fire. The guy with the rocket launcher shot at it and hit it at the same time knocking himself to the ground. The T-Rex roared loudly and picked the guy up by his feet and swallowed him whole. He was screaming the whole way. Then the unexpected happened, nine dramaeosauruses or raptors came out of nowhere and attacked the T-Rex. They were each 6 feet tall and that was all I could tell. We stopped firing and ran into the store. I looked around very quickly for an idea to block the entrance or something. I saw a lever by the entrance which was now bigger thanks to the T-Rex. It said "Close Gate" above and I pulled it. A Large Metal Gate with rectangular wholes in it, crashed down sealing us off from the outside world. I looked back to the fight. The T-Rex was putting up a good fight but there were just too many for it. It took three raptors out before it went down. One raptor turned toward us it ran and jumped at the gate It bounced off and the gate didn't budge. It went back to its pack's kill. I turned and went to the back of the store, where the rest of the survivors were.

When I got back there I said to them "It's safe now anyone who is hiding can come out." A few came out from behind broken inventory. " I found a gate lever. How many of us are left?"

"10," a man said. "So what do we do now?" Everyone was staring at me now. I had never been looked up to as leader before I was unsure what to do.

"I don't know. Wait to be rescued I guess. We can set up tents sleeping bags and mattresses if we can find them." At that everyone went looking around for those things, I felt like true leader.

After we set up camp everyone turned in for the night. We hadn't seen a dinosaur in hours, so we figured it was pretty safe. I tried to keep watch all night, but I was too worn out to and fell asleep with a shotgun at my side.

I awoke to a sound of a scream. I instantly looked at my side for my gun. It was gone Then I heard a gun go off almost right next to me. There was a thud and I realized my eyes were still closed. I slowly opened them and saw a dead raptor almost right next to me and a guy with my gun standing over it. I stood up and looked down to see a women with broken neck right next to the raptor's body.

"Ummm.... Can I have my gun back?" he tossed me the gun and walked to his tent. People looked out of the tents to see what happened. I told them to go back to sleep and knew they probably wouldn't because if that raptor got in. there's no telling how many others have. I stayed up all night and guarded our tent area. in the morning we had a nice healthy breakfast of cereal bars and trail mixes. I searched the whole store and all I found was a broken door in the back that was berried before that led to a windowless office with a computer inside.

"That's it I am out of here," one man said. "If one got in then more are just going to." It was the man who killed the raptor.

"Wait!" I told him. I thought for a second. " I know where the raptor came from."

"Where?" he asked.

"It was locked in a back room. It managed to brake a door and dig its way out."

"How did get in there?"

"I... don't know."

"Then I'm leaving." He walked up to the lever.

"The raptors are just waiting for you to do that." He pulled the lever and the gate rose. He walked out the entrance and turned around.

"Where are your raptors now?" Before he could turn back around a raptor pinned him to the ground. I turned towards the lever. Two raptor cut me off. I was still holding the shotgun. I cocked it and shot one raptor it killed it, but knocked me down part way. I shot the other raptor while still down knocking me completely flat. I dropped the gun and got up. The other 4 raptors were already inside and attacking the other people. I ran to the weapons counter and grabbed two pistols of some sort. Then I realized that there was nine raptors outside, three killed by the T-Rex, the one that was inside, and the two I killed. There were four left. The raptor was in here the entire time. I turned and saw a raptor starting to run at me. I shot once with each gun, one shot missed and the other hit it in the body causing it to stumble. My second burst caught it in the head with both bullets. It fell over dead. I looked back to the front. One raptor pinned someone to the ground. As the only other person left standing tried to save him, the last raptor started to charge me. I tried to shoot it but missed its vitals. It jumped and pinned me to the ground knocking my guns out of my hands. I closed my eyes and waited for it to close its jaws over my head. Instead I heard gun shots and felt its weight lifted from me. I opened my eyes to see the last person holding gun. I picked up my guns and stood up. I looked back at him. He was gone instead there was raptor there. I shot it, but it was too late it had already broken his neck. Then I was the only living thing in the store. I ran into the computer room and went to see if i could help through the internet. The computer was not hooked up to the internet, but it taught me something. I learned that this was not a sporting goods store, but a research facility. This place made the dinosaurs and all of it was beneath the store. Wait... someone is hear.

The general pressed the button. The store's walls blew apart and the building collapsed.

"Sir! Someone was still in there!" The private said.

"We couldn't let this get to the public, private," the general said calmly.

"Would you like us to clean up Sir?"

"Just the bodies and the cars. Leave the ruble, just have a plaque put in saying it is a memorial to all those who died in the fire."

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