Xai II

November 22, 2009
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I am Zeornon from Xai, a now destroyed planet. Search for this strange planet called Earth I have for the past 10 Sunnian Moons. Finally I have come to orbit it. My heart rejoiced as I came closer to the planet and saw its brilliant blue oceans. Oh how I could not wait to feel the hard rocky surface beneath my feet, but first I must land my little ship.
As I stepped off the small ship my eyes drifted to the scenery around me. Vibrant greens, rich browns, pale yellows, and deep blues blessed my Xain eyes with the texture of it. Yet there was an even more interesting thing then the beauty I could see, it came in a short burst. A smell so intoxicating that I just had to follow it. The intoxicating aroma led me to a brown structure unlike any other I had seen before. Then a portal opened and a being in dark blue walked toward me, “What are you doing out here?! Detention! This is against school dress code, are you listening to me?!” yelled the man as he dragged me toward the antagonizing scent and the open portal. When the portal closed behind me I knew I had been captured, but no one came to take me away in chains instead there where hundreds of like beings staring at me from the small circular tables they gathered around. “Get your lunch and report to the stage,” as he said those words another being with long yellow hair stood up and took me toward a metal rectangular table covered in what seemed to be food. The one with the long hair pointed to different foods and another being filled a plate with the food. The plate was placed in my hands as I was directed toward another being. Long haired being handed the new being something green and rectangular as the transaction was made she took a piece off the plate and popped it into her mouth as she took me towards a raised platform called a stage. I followed the beings action, popped the food into my mouth. It was delicious; I devoured everything on the plate before we stopped in front of the being in the blue suit. “Sit down! She doesn’t go to this school does she? Anna, answer me,” Anna shook her head. “Well than I guess she will be a guest at our school today,” the being bent over and wrote on a piece of paper. “I am Mr. Krimmel his is Anna she will be Showing you around school today, and if any of the teacher’s ask hand them this not just to be sure alright,” Anna shook her head again and we were off as a loud clanging noise disrupted the other noises in the rectangular room.
Here I sat next to Anna, in another structure but his one was smaller and rectangular, listening to a person talk. Her name was Madame Ulrich; she spoke in a strange way using words that made no sense to me. When I asked Anna what she was saying and why is sounded weird she said that it was a different language, French. This language was intriguing for it was nothing like anything else I had ever heard about, it was almost magical. The other people in the room talked in the same language as Madame went around. When finally it came to me she asked, “Qu’est-ce que aime faire?” I stared at her because I had no idea of what she asked it was strange and trivial. Anna wrote on a piece of paper she said what do you like to do and handed it to me. But I still had no clued what to say, it was embarrassing. Luckily for me just then the clanging noise came again.
“Finally, that is over with.” I heard Anna say after we came out of a class she called geometry. “Can’t wait for soccer, Hey Ze do you want to come,” I shook my head and followed Anna. “I guess that is a yes,” We walked down a corridor until we came to an open door; Anna went in so I followed. She handed me some clothing, “Just take these they are extra. You can change in there.” She pointed to one of the stalls that lined the wall. As I tried to put on the strange garments Anna urged me to hurry or we would be late. Once I had accomplished the task, Anna and I walked down the hallway towards a group of girls. They were all dressed in similar attire and seemed to be doing some kind of activity. “They are stretching,” whispered Anna as she started stretching. I watched her then began to mimic her activity. Once stretching was completed the group came together and started discussing what we were all wanted to do. As the hubbub ebbed away Anna whispered, “Couch isn’t here so 20 minutes of running, then ab workouts, then a 4 lap Indian run. Oh, just follow my lead.” When we accomplished our task some of the girls wanted to know if I was coming back and I told them that I would. “Well Ze my mom is here, umm….. So got jet! I’ll see you tomorrow bye,”
I walked back to where I had first stepped onto this lush planet, all the while thinking about all the things I could do tomorrow. Just thinking of it got me exhilarated. Alas tomorrow was not to be for when I got back to the ship my commander had left me an urgent message. “Zeornon, you are immediately to leave earth and start your journey to a planet in Sirius’s Orbit. The planet is to be named Xai II for there are no intelligent life forms living there. We have found sufficient resources there and are calling it home for Xains.” As the message came to a close, I waved regretfully at Earth’s landscape and took off in my little space ship for Xai II.

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