Night Sweeper

November 20, 2009
By kevin watkins GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
kevin watkins GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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The Night Sweeper swept the cob webs into a basket. The cold chill of the winter night touched his face softly, kissing him goodnight. He smiled as a car pulled up to a squeaky halt.
“One Moment!” he yelled across the yard. She smiled, and held up an umbrella. He shook his head no. The rain danced around him clouding him in a heavy mist, unable to see even with a keen eye.
“I’m fine! Just got to haul the shovels into the green barrel!” He yelled again. She sat down, and waited, waited for her husband to get back. Hours flew past the time. She stared at the clock. How long has it been? She said impatiently. As the night burned into an unbearable ray of heat, she awoke. Its morning, already? She said, as she stretched her legs into a long saddle pose. Wait why could she use both chairs, where was Kurt? She looked in the back, no Kurt, she looked in the trunk, no Kurt, and she looked everywhere, same story.
“KURT!” she yelled over and over until, she saw a figure. It was wearing the same hood as Kurt, and he was about as tall as Kurt. She sighed of relief. She ran over to him, but he ran quickly to the underground tool shed. She smiled; she thought he was playing cat and mouse. She tied her hair in a pony tail, and started to run after him. She looked around, not remembering the tool shed being like this. A lady ran by her as fast as she could smiling, and had her hair in a pony tail too. She fell to the ground, was that me? What is this place? She saw herself scream, for Kurt was hanged by his feet and was being slashed by a knife. She grabbed the knife from the guy and she kicked him in the shin. She fought with him until he hit her so hard her head hit the wall with a loud bang. A red silky liquid seemed to find its way on the back of the wall, turning the rock hard tan red, blood red. Then she felt a wave go through her body. She looked for her cell phone, but when she did she nearly fainted! Her hands were completely gone. Another person ran by her smiling, hair tied in a pony tail. She reached out and grabbed the persons left leg in a death grip. The lady tried to shake her off, but she cradled her legs and made the girl trip. The girl looked up and saw nothing, she smiled and shook off the invisible person and started to walk. The lady pounced and made them wrestle to the rough earth. She dragged the lady by her foot, and pulled her upstairs. All the time, the lady was screaming, being dragged by air isn’t her cup of tea. She finally dragged her to the top step, and slammed the door, leaving her outside. She carefully stepped back down, just to find Kurt looking her straight in the eye. He grabbed her by the throat, cutting off all circulation. A shadow flew out of her, and Kurt grabbed that too and said
“Kurt, you didn’t think I’d getcha?”

The author's comments:
I'm not really sure how I came up with this, but it's a fictional nightmare

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