November 19, 2009
By , Cottage Grove, MN
The year 3042, the entire human race has disappeared, except the lucky few, in the year 3012 because of WW XVII and the newly developed non-animal, non-environment harming highly explosive bomb that was created for the purpose of war and killing humans. But not counting that, the world has returned to its previous state during the time of the early humans, because of the changes in the weather that increased humidity to the point of plants growing extremely, and the life span of animals has increased massively so much that the lizards, mammals, fish, and bugs, we used to know, have turned into a new depiction of dinosaurs, in the early days of the world. The only remaining humans are all collaborating and working together to contain all of the “dinosaurs” and stop them from wiping out the human race completely.

The humans have also grown in life expectancy, as the early humans were, and have been recreating the human race, if you will. The “dinosaurs” have had minimal encounters with the human race and those encounters have not turned out well with the recreation of the saber toothed tiger, the Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and many more. The “dinosaurs” consist of some vegetarian, but are mostly carnivorous and will eat anything they can find, including humans. The humans have tried to stay away from the “dinosaurs” as much as possible, but some do stray from the heavily guarded camp and are in turn eaten.

In the U.S camp 27 years later, I am the President of The United States or what used to be the United States before the war. Can I even consider myself a President any more without a country to rule? The population of the U.S camp has been growing to a good number but nothing at all compared to the earlier years. The “dinosaurs” as I have been noticing are circling the camp searching for a weak point in the fences that they can crash through and find a quick snack. It won’t be long so we are going to have to fortify the camp extremely and put up a concrete layer on the bottom of the wall.

The “dinosaurs” as I earlier mentioned have been trying to break through the wall and we have fortified but yet it would appear that it will not be enough because they are attacking the outside of the wall and are creating cracks in the fresh concrete and we are trying our hardest to protect the people by sending out some of the older and more experienced people to kill any “dinosaurs” that they find close to the camp and feed the people in our colony. Actually the dinosaurs have actually broken through nearly half the wall and we are prepping for a full on assault from a whole pack of saber tooth tigers or just one T-Rex and are conjuring up some old weapons.

Today is the day! The “dinosaurs” are coming through the wall today. We are as far from ready as we could ever be we do have a pretty trained arm and enough weapons but not nearly enough people to take on more than one T-Rex. We will have to make do with what we have and even I the previous President will have to fight and kill something or be killed, and we will have to put all of our effort into this one fight or it could be the end of the U.S camp and the U.S colony.

Bang! The wall has crashed down killing three and a wave of many animals has come busting through and now the fight begins. The animals are a lot bigger than we had heard about and seen from a long ways away. This is one of the first times I have killed anything in my life that is bigger than me. Three men down and three times the amount of “dinosaurs” have been killed and it all seems like a victory up until the point of the arrival of the great beast of the T-Rex.

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