The Star Inside

October 30, 2009
By The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
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The Star Inside: Ascension of Sharki

After the founder of the nation of Karshi, Caiphon, killed his own son, and only heir to the throne of Karshi, in order to ascend to celestial stardom, Karshi came to see all magic that is related to the stars, or the night, as evil and the bane of their nation. However, when a Karshi-born Dragonborn shows promise in these powers, he is exiled, his mother executed for willingly sheltering “Karshibane”, and his dad, a noble prophetic gold dragon, responded to this chaos by saying these words: the magic of the celestials will be our undoing and, yet, our salvation…

“Fear can sure replace judgment, for those townsfolk were quick with their shunning,” Sharki said. He was a tall, celestial looking dragonborn who showed superhuman wisdom even in emotion and sported a radiating star-shaped scar, which was the source of his power, on his forehead. “They say that my powers came from the Whisperer himself, but I doubt that in retrospect, for I drew on the power without a thought, from within myself.” “If I have power like this, I could redeem myself by finding the Whisperer himself and defeating him to avenge my homeland.” And so he did. Sharki went to the nearest megalopolis and advertised the raid of Caiphon’s lair in order to get an expedition party to help in the raid. Little did he know that he was destined for this fight, and Caiphon was preparing for him as well……….

After a few hours, Sharki gathered 8 volunteering adventurers for the raid on Caiphon’s realm, and within a day of preparation, the volunteers were fully equipped and had an elaborate invasion plan once the portal was open, which took only an hour more. “Hurry! Go through the portal and put into place our raiding plan! Blue team, you take the dream cultists in room 1. Red team, you take the elite cultist leaders in rooms 2 and 3. I will take Caiphon alone.” Sharki said with superheroic leadership. With that said, the adventurers and Sharki entered the portal and successfully followed Sharki’s plan to the extreme, even resorting to spectacular martyrdom to allow Sharki a clear passage to Caiphon. Caiphon, however, was ready for Sharki, ready to decimate Sharki at all costs!

Caiphon and Sharki both exhibited great celestial power, but Caiphon left himself open for only 3 seconds and was incinerated by one final celestial fireball, which was actually a perpetually imploding microcosm, from Sharki because of this short, but opportune opening in Caiphon’s defenses. However, upon his destruction, Caiphon entered his death throes. Instinctively, Sharki faced Caiphon’s throes head on, and, with his own powers, Sharki absorbed Caiphon’s celestial might, which increased his own power eightyfold. “Now it is time to claim my glory! All survivors claim your share in the throne room! I am going home!” Sharki said with slight glee.
Sharki soon set on home to Karshi, just after the survivors of his raid and those who had to be resurrected signed a raid agreement, stating that they witnessed the defeat of Caiphon, which meant that the raid was a success and Karshi had to be afraid no more of their undoing, for the true evil was now dead and gone forever. Once the document was signed, the raiders were each paid a fair amount of astral diamonds, rare gems worth a fortune even for one, for their help in the epic endeavor that they went through (and even died for). “Farewell and good adventures! I’m going home!” Sharki said with noble gratitude.
Along his way, Sharki encountered a vision of what Karshi had become when he killed Caiphon, for Caiphon’s dream cultists had overrun Karshi’s capital and blocked the main gate with star energy. Sharki also saw the leader, a dark haired half-elf who wielded a rapier that glistened with metal as black as night. “I must save my home! For Karshi!” Sharki said with powerful determination. As he reached Karshi, he killed a hypervigiant dream patrol and stole their uniforms, in order to employ great stealth, and then advanced to Karshi’s gates.

Sharki quickly found out that their leader was named Oleck of House Ravenblade, and that he built an enclave in the guildhall district to use as a B.O.O. (Base of Operations) and his living quarters. “Then I will go there! He will pay for destroying my homeland!” Sharki said to himself. Soon after acquiring the needed intelligence, he rushed to the enclave and sneaked past the guards with ease. Once he was inside the room that Oleck was in, he revealed himself. “Hello Lord Sharki. Have you come to help the almighty Whisperer?” Oleck said with a sneer. “You fool! Caiphon is no more! I destroyed him, as I will to you for destroying my home!” Sharki said with passion, as his scar glowed blood red. “Prove it! Defeat me! Oh and, GUARDS!!!!!!!!!!” Oleck said with even more glee.

With his call, 5 cultist guards came to his assistance. As soon as the guards came in the door, however, Sharki caused the ceiling surrounding the door to fall, blocking them in stone reinforced by star magic. “At least, play fair!” Sharki said with disappointment. “Fine. We will duel to the death!” Oleck said, the smirk gone from his face. And so they did. However, Oleck was no match for Sharki’s newly increased powers, which overwhelmed Oleck in no time at all. “Good riddance, Karshibane. May your soul suffer for its misdeeds along with the Whisperer’s.” Sharki said prevalently. “Hey! It’s the Karshibane! Get him!” a townsfolk announced with zeal and fear. “Stop! He has stopped the cultists! He must not be aligned with the Whisperer!” another townsfolk shouted, throwing his body in front of the first, who was charging with a dagger in hand. “There is more! I have saved us all! I have destroyed the Whisperer and now have fused his power with my own! If you doubt he is no more, look at this! It is the raid completion document, signed by all of the raiders!” Sharki said, seeking his chance to repent. “ What is all this madness about?” shouted a cultist taskmaster, angrily holding 2 whips as sharp and swift as a snake’s bite. “You are no longer the ruler here. Your leader is dead! Leave before we run you out!” one of the townsfolk said with slight anger. “I don’t think so! Whoever killed our leader has committed treason, punishable by death!” the taskmaster said with a growl. “Foolish cultist! I killed the leader with no trouble at all! Do you think you could even try?” Sharki said, his star glowing brighter and brighter with every word. “Fine. We will leave. May Caiphon guide our way.” The taskmaster said with some zeal in his eyes. “Oh, and Caiphon is also dead! It says so on this document!” Sharki said with pride. “NO! It can’t be! We are doomed without a leader AND a god!” the taskmaster said with fear in his eyes. With that being said, the cultists ran through a gauntlet of angry karshians, who punched most of the cultist forces to death. “I now understand my father’s words. I now know that I am Karshi’s salvation. In saying that, I wish to be Karshi’s protector and ruler as well.” Sharki said with pride in his eyes. And so Sharki became leader, which allowed Karshi to thrive under his protection for many years to come.
The End(?)

The author's comments:
The introduction to my main protagonist, Sharki, who journeys to avenge his hometown's social trauma by killing the vile celestial known as Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer!

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on Dec. 17 2009 at 10:13 am
The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
5 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, and be evil!"- Unknown

Yes! finally, you can see the entire story of Sharki!


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