Inprisonment ch 2

October 28, 2009
Ok I basically can’t get out because the referee says I used powers I’m a little confused since I know I don’t have any powers but still I hear the cheering of my fellow inmates. I decided to go back to my cell. “So jay I thought u didn’t have any powers so you didn’t have to worry about cheating so what happened.” My cell mate said this, an old man that we all called coach. “Hey I don’t know what happened either I just felt this rush of energy I blacked out then next thing I know the champ is knocked out.” “Like I’ve said before I don’t have any powers.” “Well there probably just developing” “you think. You know what this is it’s not an ordinary power.” “okay I might know but its only rumors that I’ve heard that there are select groups of warriors who have rare powers like the king and his elite generals and guard” “wow so I might be one of these warriors” “maybe but maybe not”. That’s when my cell door opened and the warden stepped in “it’s too bad that you used your powers you could have gotten your freedom.” “Oh don’t worry warden ill get out sooner or later” “I would love to see you try that convict.” That’s when I got a great idea and it involved two things every inmate and my new found powers

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