Blur: A Story

October 28, 2009
By Jack Runburg SILVER, Park City, Utah
Jack Runburg SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I am in a room with huge crashes all around me, I sense something, He is coming, Blur.

Large buildings are towering over me, they seem to lean in and protect me, they know what is coming. I am walking along a dark road, loneliness overcomes me. Everything Blurs, I’m with my mom in a building, the leaning ones. There are people, strange faces, strange places, have I been here before? Doctors in lab coats, scientists running to and fro. Why are they so frantic?

I look out a window and we appear to be on the an upper level. No, this can’t be right, it doesn’t exist anymore. We are in New York. The twin towers. Another Blur, no longer the fallen siblings, I turn around and I’m back. Walking on that road, the towers are warning me. Blur, my mom is talking to someone in the hallway. A shadow passes over the window, I look back, no longer doors in the hallway. Just me and my mom.

A large crash is outside the window is blacked out. My mom shouts and I follow her instructions. I crawl under a wooden bench that has appeared. I was betwixt a bench and a hard place, literally. I look out to see my mom crash through the window. She is on a hang glider. It is black. With a skull and crossbones. She is soaring away. Why has she left me? What do I do? A gargantuan crash shudders the building, The world is being ripped away from me.

When I awake I crawl out from under the bench. Two things are still standing, the window and the bench. I can see for miles, the city has been leveled. I am on the top floor now. There used to be twenty more above me. I peer out the window to see the extent of the catastrophe. I am pushed through falling, falling, Blur.

Another strange building, no, a house. My mother and sister are here, I made it. My mother knows this place, it is her grandmother’s. She brings my sister inside. I follow. We are hiding. Someone is looking for us. This person is not a friend, He will smite us, like He has the all powerful wisdom of god. He knows that we must die. He is set on that. We have done nothing wrong. He does not want information, or to talk to us. He wants to kill us. Dead.

It is raining now, He has not come. He hasn’t found us. Not yet. Rain strikes the window pane. It stops. My mom comes running in from the Outside. She grabs and we go. Meteors are raining down, all hell has broke loose. Orange fireballs fall from the sky. They look like the End. The End of the World. Why can’t we get out of the house? He is here. The corridors of the friendly house have turned into a labyrinth. He is doing this. The sound of a large machine closes in. The sound is almost here, the sound of death is upon us. The bright red door! We jump out of the house as it explodes around us, I have experienced this before. I flash back to under the bench. He is determined. He will not give up. We must run.

We are in a neighborhood, people are running. He will kill them, too. We get a large survival packet with the necessities. Who gave it to us? How did they know? Now we are running through a forest looking behind us for Him. He has lost us, a mighty wail rips through the night. Terror freezes my body. I am petrified. We are running again, the machine is behind us, so close I could smell it, but not see it. What is this machine? Who is He? Why does He want us dead? I know why, we know who He is, and what His weakness is. We can stop Him, if we don’t die.

I hear the machine as close as before, I turn around and see large teeth. I understand He does not own the machine. He is the machine. He is pure chaos. He is the meteor, the fear, and the machine. He is upon us. He is here. I could reach out to touch Him and all of a sudden, Blur.

I sit up and the first thing I notice is I am in a room with huge crashes all around me, I sense something, He is coming, and I Blur.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my worst nightmares. A mix of reality, fantasy, and mystery.

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