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October 24, 2009
By camclogston BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
camclogston BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
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By the power of truth I, while living, have conquered the universe...

The apartment block was quiet as only possible at night. Only a few laid awake, listening intently for the impending sirens they knew would be coming. As The Prophet well knew, there was no escaping them. He had long since resigned himself to this inevitable event, which had finally arrived.

Earlier that day, he had been preaching out against the oppression that was unfairly cast upon them. Sprinkled throughout the crowd were a handful of Enforcers, who recognized him as one of the principal activists which stirred unrest and violence. They wasted no time in locating his residence and locking it down. Now that nigh has fallen, the block is about to be breached.

A few disciples had bravely volunteered to remain in his presence as a last-ditch effort to halt the enforcers, but The Prophet had no hopes for that. They were his favorites, however, and he greatly appreciated their company. Each was armed with a decrepit rifle, which was barely still working. The room was located about halfway up the building’s rise, with a working lift concealed for inconspicuous access to the lower levels.

Simon, one of the disciples of The Prophet, was understandably nervous. He had been in precious few fights, and was apprehensive about this. He had however been an unexpected hero in the retaking of D.C. He was now widely respected amidst the ranks of the resistance, and he was second only to The Prophet.

Levi was over-eager for the firefight. He was a veteran of the New York front, and he always had an itching for battle. While the others were fretting and attempting to devise escape plans, he was silently polishing his prized possession: a high caliber rifle he collected from his battles. His thoughts were cloudy with war and destruction, and his patience was running thin.

James and John, the twins, were on either side of The Prophet. They were mentally monitoring the building’s entrances, as they could detect the presence of life and could alert the room to a breach. They were also silently communicating their disapproval with their lack of militia and firepower.

Finally, Judas, The Prophet’s favorite, was staring out the viewing platform, contemplating the impending attack. He had been with The Prophet since the beginning. They had braved a multitude of skirmishes together and had finally ended up in the shabby apartment block waiting for the final judgment. All he carried was a small brass handgun, which had saved his life many times over.

9 o’clock was the initial assault. It was wonderfully orchestrated by The Establishment, and would have worked perfectly if not for the hidden claymores inserted beforehand by the disciples. They ravaged the incoming Enforcers, and the remaining stragglers were picked off by the bullets emanating from room 1525, the room in which the resistance was stationed.

After this, there was a lull in activity. The disciples gathered around The Prophet, who was preparing to give them a final lecture. They were ready to drink up every word as they had previously.

“My friends,” The Prophet began. “Your devotion to the cause is infinitely commendable. As you may already know, I will most likely not be present for much longer. Can only hope that each one of you has learned a lesson from my teachings, and will go to at least attempt to impart this newfound knowledge to the masses. You will be the mouth of the new government. Only you can lead us from this utter madness back to the light we once were.”

“But sir,” Simon countered. “We have covered every angle; watched every entrance. The only way they will ever reach you is through us. I speak not for the others, but for myself. I respect what you say, but I will follow you to the end.”

Throughout this exchange, Levi was keeping an eye on the Enforcers. He could not detect any apparent strategy forming in the air however. He turned his attention back to the proceedings at hand in time to see James and John pledge themselves to The Prophet.

Judas had been secretly harboring feelings of regret. He knew that none of them would make it out of this alive, and sought to find a way to save at least a few. He had recently begun doubting the ways of The Prophet. He knew that if he was the leader, the resistance wouldn’t be so futile and would be a viable enemy to The Establishment.

The Prophet had no idea of the intentions of Judas, but as he sensed that something was troubling him, he called out, “Judas! Won’t you come and join us so I may pass on my mission?”

Judas replied, “Teacher, I will listen, but first you must hear me out. For years I have accepted your blind ideals without question, and now I need answers! What do you have to gain from these riots? Anarchy? Despair? This former light you speak of? The old ways are gone and you know that.”

“Son, you know not what you speak,” The Prophet answered. “I seek the enlightenment of the human race and the freedom from tyranny. These people are not happy, nor will they ever be under oppression! I have come to establish a New World Order, which represents a return of many ancient systems, such as democracy and capitalism. These were great thing which helped shape a nation.”

“Yes,” Judas replied. “But you fail to notice that they also brought about it’s downfall! The people were the ones who elected this regime! They were the ones who happily lapped up whatever was thrown at them from these men! You seek to give them the tools to once again accomplish this?”

“And the judgment to know the correct usage!” exclaimed The Prophet. “I know just as well as you that without the right reasoning and tutelage these tools can be used to destroy, but I can see the saving power of them as well!”

“Then you are a fool,” Judas stated. “I will no longer stand for this nonsense from you. No matter if these others are with me, I will deliver you to The Enforcers so as to halt your mad ravings about these things.”

With that, Simon jumped to his feet, raising his rifle at Judas. Judas reacted quickly, drawing and firing his pistol at The Prophet. As Judas dove o avoid Simon’s gunfire, The Prophet slumped over and fell to the ground. As Judas was regaining his footing, a sharp pain was suddenly present in his spine, and he pitched forward.

Levi was standing behind him, as grim a visage as Death himself. He had his prize rifle raised, smoke seeping from the barrel. On his face was a look without feeling.

Simon turned and strode quickly to The Prophet, checking his vitals quickly and thoroughly. A look of horror appeared on his face as he came realized the truth. Levi, James, and John all gathered around to witness The Prophet in death, and they silently paid homage to his life.

“Do not despair,” Simon suddenly stated. “He may appear to be gone, but as long as we spread his word he will live through us! Our only hope to maintain his legacy is to escape from this block. You three, go on. I will stay and hold them off so you can spread the message to the world. I may never leave this building, but that is a price that I am willing to make. Goodbye my brothers, and Godspeed.”


As Levi departed his company along with James and John, they could hear distant gunfire tearing through the silent night. The passage to the lower level allowed them to sneak unnoticed out of the block, helped by the covering fire of Simon. The city loomed ahead of them, ever nearer as they padded off on their mission…

The author's comments:
As you may notice, this story was heavily influenced by The Bible...

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