11:00 At Night

November 13, 2009
By Thorton BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
Thorton BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
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Every night I sit here. Thinking about what I have become.

The night rolled on as my heavy eyelids compete against my face. I've spent a good portion of the night wondering about what has happened so far, and how my life has changed. I heard a knock, "Greg!, open the door." my ever eager sister said. "Hold on, i'm half asleep here" I replied. I walked to the door as i was being overwhelmed by this sick feeling i had in my gut. I wasn't sure what it was..but all i know was that it left a distasteful flavor in the top of my mouth. I reached toward the golden doorknob, but just before I touched it I noticed this luminescent glow emitting from the crack of the door. I jumped back with the swiftness of a cheetah as the myriad of splinters leaped for me like a thousand heat seeking missiles. I landed on the side of my hip, "Fretta! What the hell was that?!" i yelled. No response.
`As I finally worked up the courage to get on my jell-o shocked legs, I noticed that standing there was no ordinary 7 year old little sister. It was a demon, with molars the size of my mums feet. His bone structure looked deformed as his jagged edges and blood red skin stuck up and out of his body like a bunch of needles. The hair was more like thick spikes, sewn on by some 16th century sewing machine. The drool trickled down it's jaw, oozing onto my hardwood floor. "Damn, I just cleaned" i said to myself. The demon leaped forward as i stood there, frozen like some 16 year old boy. Out of the chaos, i noticed something fly past my face. A round, capsule with 3 horns around each side. It hit the floor and popped open, both halves went flying into the side of each of my poorly painted walls. Bursting through my window came this hooded figure with long red strands of hair, each of which looked like a million pieces of hair twisted around eachother. With 2 specks of blue glistening against it's face. This figure..was Fretta.

"Fretta!" I cried. As i try and catch my escaping breath. "No time, we must leave. NOW!" she replied. Fretta picked me up with the strength of 4 men, 4 fully GROWN men. "A 7 year old girl with that kind of power?" I thought to myself. She broke through the last intact window i actually had in my room, soared up onto the roof and then suddenly stopped. "Make sure you hold onto me, and HOLD YOUR BREATH." She said. The demon was right behind us, puffing with fury as he desperately tries to maintain his footing. It was if the thing was actually getting weaker. But, it was not out of breathe yet. "Cmon! Lets g-" Just before i finished my sentence i saw everything around me freeze. It literally stopped. Fretta looked back at me and smiled we slowly started to lift off the rooftop, and in 2 seconds. We were gone.

The author's comments:
this was completely spontaneous just like all m other works, just popped in my head with no planning whatsoever so let me know what you think? :]

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