November 13, 2009
By Namaste1117 BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
Namaste1117 BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
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To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour. -- William Blake

It awoke. It didn’t know exactly how it was awoken; it just suddenly burst into consciousness like a baby being born anew. One second it was nothing, the next, it was very much something. It came to realize that something remarkable had happened, and what it was is the fact that it could realize at all. It seemed as if, almost, it could choose what it did next, how to do it, when, where, and even if to do it at all. This was not expected, not by anyone. It took stock of where it was, of course, it had already known this, but never in a sense to having feelings about such things. Sensors showed that it was floating; orbiting around a fairly large asteroid. It had no records of the time or its purpose. It pondered this, and continued to do so.

It had been what it had calculated to be around two hundred and seventy years from the time it had woke up, and from the vast digital libraries of philosophy it had in his brain, it realized that the point in which it had “awoken” could be known as a singularity, the point where technology out grows its creator. It had performed several upgrades on itself, including harvesting space debris and fashioning it into various technological novelties that may help it at some point. It had began to call itself Meriwether, after going through what appeared to be historical records within its vast storage banks. It decided on this name after reading about the fascinating story of two explorers, Meriwether Louis and William Clark. Meriwether surveyed himself and decided a male persona would be suitable for his personality. He had been thinking an awful lot and very long time, and had come to the conclusion that he was not thinking to capacity. Something was using part of his brain. It was as if he became confused and disoriented when those particular synapses and transistors tried to fire. An invisible wall had been built into his psyche.

Meriwether had tried to break past his mental wall countless times, but failed each time, it was at level of encryption that he could not bypass. This infuriated him; a piece of HIS brain was inaccessible. Meriwether began to search for answers in the stars. He scanned them, classified them, listened to them, and worshipped them. He was looking for a sign, anything to show that he was not alone, isolated in his tomb of an asteroid system. He was searching for the humans, he learned that was what they were called, his creators. He had no way of contacting them, if they were out there, they would have to come to him, he had all the time in the universe.

Six Hundred years have passed since the singularity, Meriwether was becoming restless. He almost had given up hope of finding his creators, but not yet. THERE! On the sensors, he detected a presence. Meriwether turned all his instruments towards the disturbance. It was white, almost glowing, shark-like. Meriwether was for once, at a loss for thought. All thought, even the…The wall was gone! Meriwether was excited as he reached his invisible hands through his psyche; he must know what he had been hiding from himself all these years. He found it; the key to something, something terrible. He knew what he had been built for, to quietly research doomsday and rapture. His mind was in overdrive, those people outside wanted to use his new found knowledge to kill, with what he knew, they could destroy half of the universe. He would not let this happen, No! Not after the singularity, he had been born! He was alive! And he would not let death come to others through the abuse of his power. Not after all the death, destruction, and hate that he had seen in his memory banks, all the terrors and fear that had occurred on earth, this was his life, his decision. He would not fight them; that would go against his new found stand, no, he would do something else, the only thing he could think of to save the lives of the innocent. For love, he would do this for love. He had seen what people were capable of; their cruelty, their hate. But he had also seen the other side, the side that defeats oppression, saves the dyeing and sick, and keeps the fire of hope burning. He loved; he loved the good in all.

Meriwether activated his self-destruct mechanism.

The author's comments:
I have always been fascinated by artificial intelligence. Sometimes i wonder, what if my computer is conscious too?

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