November 13, 2009
By Ariki SILVER, Morgan City, Louisiana
Ariki SILVER, Morgan City, Louisiana
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Earth. It was once a place where life flourished and growth thrived and expanded entirely. But, in the years of poverty, war, famine, and death, it has become nothing but a place fill with nothingness, empty spaces. The only sign of the very thing that once exsisted on the face of this planet resides only in what society has grown to know as Domes. Large cities enclosed in domed, plastic encagements, shutting them off from the wild insecurities of the outside world. The dominant 'race' that occupies these said Domes are known as The Pale People. Everything about them screams purity. Cleanliness. As if they are the peak of exsistence. And this very thought is what pushes their actions, what forwards their exsistence. Which makes it difficult for my people, whom they have labeled The Dark Ones, to live and thrive besides them. The reason for these difficult living conditions? Because we are everything that they are not. We do not have the same fair hair and skin, the shimmering blues and greens that are the colors of their eyes. Our skin is the color of what the Earth once was, hair as black as night, and eyes as red as dried and congelled blood. They feared us, shunned us. Yet, many moons ago, they accepted us into their society. Into the Domes. They may have feared our outer apperance, but what they feared even more so was the threat that we would become aggresive, defensive. Which, was never the case. We simply wanted to be accepted along side them as being One People. The way the planet was once One Being. We lived among them for many years, thriveing and coexsisting on the land that had been ressurected and been made to prosper against all odds. Yet, something broke through the surface of our exsistence and clashed with their own. They learned of the mental abilities that many of my people possess. Rather it be telekinesis or telepathy, many of The Dark Ones were blessed with abilities that were beyond the understanding of The Pale People. This new development frightened them beyond belief and they shunned us. They humiliated us, beat us, and then threw us to the broken and lifeless land to starve and die. We are now forced to live off of a land that had rotted years before, with newborn children, sickly elders. Some of my people were able to break through the strongholds of the Domes and continue exsistence within it's walls, searching for a way to bring peace. To bring back the Euphoria the Earth once knew.


I knew my eyes would betray me the moment they met the deep and hopeless shades of his own blue depths. Though I had practiced keeping my face still and emotionless, I was still unable to hide the emotions that registered in my dark eyes. I knew that Kane could see the hate that burned deep inside of me, threatening to burn and sear my rampageing heart. Yet, I also knew he could see the pain that lingered beneath all of the hate and distrust. The pain I had been living with since being yanked away from the happiness that I had once knew with him. And though it eats away at me each and every time I admit it to myself, I still must confess that I have missed him. The long nights we would spend just holding each other, listening to the way we would breathe as one being, complete in just being with each other. The hate I hold for him can not mask the painful stab I feel when I see him. Because when they were dragging my bloody and near lifeless body away to be abandoned outside of The Dome, something in his eyes both frightened, as well as thrilled me. He did not appear to be the Kane I had grown accustomed to that was forced to take the mind numbing pills that altered their thinking. He was the Kane I spent so many nights with. The Kane I had grown to love.

I now feel my eyes begining to fill with tears, their betrayal becoming evident as I step away from this pale boy I have learned to detest. The Talaitha that lived in The Dome died the day my body was punished, whipped, and torn to shambles. Kane was one of the driveing forces in that life. Funny how quickly somethings tend to change.

"How dare you show your face here, when our own are so unwelcome?"

"Talaitha, please..."

His pleading eyes, his quivering voice, his searching hands. It's almost too much for me to bear. I know by the shimmer that holds his eyes that it has been days since he was taken the brain alterers. This in itself nearly sends me crashing into his arms, but I standfast. He must know what he has done. He must know what lengths I have gone through to stay by his side, only for him to watch his people drag me away like slaughtered cattle. I do not allow my mind to push my body forward. Instead, I back away from his pathetic attempts, his longing, blue eyes.

"Begging for forgiveness can not heal the scars that cover my body and tear away at my mind, Kane. You sat there, and watched them drag me off to die. You did nothing."

I can now feel the anger swell up inside of my chest, threatening to take total control over my mind, as well as my body. I resist the urge to lash out at this beautiful boy, to mangle and destroy his angelic face, though I can not be sure how long I can hold onto my sanity.

He is now becoming defensive. He throws his hands in the air, his body going into hysterics, his voice now holding a tinge of desperateness.

"Talaitha, how was I supposed to do anything?! If I would have stood up and said something, they would have surely killed us both!"

"That isn't the point,Kane! I turned to you, reached for you, and you just stood there! You just watched as they threw me to the ground and spat at me. You didn't even try to stop them, to save me when they captured me. You just let them take me! And don't say it was because of those stupid pills, because I saw your eyes the day they took me. You were completely and totally sane! Why didn't you take them, Kane? Did you want to REMEMBER seeing my beaten, bloodied...nearly DEAD!"

I have now reached a point of hysterics. I know that my eyes are wild with anger, my limbs rigid and desperate to release the bottled up energy. I have now resorted to takeing a few steps towards him, my face only inches from his. I have not peered into his eyes since the yelling fit had began, but now, I find myself unable to resist his gaze. And it nearly kills me when I do. His eyes are spilling over with tears, his plump lips now pressed into a hard line. The agony in my eyes, I realize, has been reflected in his. I was just too blinded by rage and thoughts of betrayal to realize that he, too, has been dealing with the pain of loseing the one thing that made him feel safe. The only thing that ever felt human to him. The only thing that ever felt natural.

The author's comments:
Music inspires a good bit of the pieces that spawn from my brain. One song in particular, Gravity from Maaya Sakamoto, gave way to this tale.

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