The Ghosts of Waluga

November 12, 2009
By 88spess BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
88spess BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Fred drifted through the graveyard as he slowly learned about the history of the ghosts. He learned that when Waluga Jr. High was built, its engineers kept a secret to themselves that it was doomed to sink into the marsh it was built on. He learned that it actually did, but a lot quicker than they expected. One fateful day, the entire building, with all its students, plunged into the ground. Nobody survived. He learned about the six hundred students and staff who were there, six hundred people who perished, and the six hundred ghosts that remain where they died. Fred learned that the ghosts of the students and staff are still haunting the place, lingering in the swampy mist of the graveyard while haunting the former school grounds, possessing anyone who dared to enter at night …

Fred strolled through the Waluga graveyard after this wicked midnight party. He just made the track team that had practiced at Waluga’s former site. He often hung out at the former site of the school, but this was the first time he traveled here at night. Halfway through the field, he thought he heard a crumple of paper. “Must have been a loose sheet of paper,” he thought. He then sworn he heard children’s voices as he glanced around the area, devoid of anyone. He didn’t see any paper either. Fred’s fear started to grow as he fought back the prospect of ghosts. His walking pace quickened as he tried to escape the children’s voices. His ears picked up noises such as teachers’ voices, slang talk, different sports being played, and some other noises that would take place in the school, all haunting a graveyard. It may have been him, but his eyes saw his vision turning into a blur and tasted some mist in the air. Suddenly it hit him. There was a huge fog trying to trap him. Fred broke into a sprint as a swamp mist closed in, reducing his vision to about a few feet. Then, he ran face – first into a gravestone, and all went black.

When Fred woke up in the morning, everything seemed to be normal. He slowly retraced the events that happened that night as he jogged back home. He now believed that Waluga was haunted. Once he got home, his mom scolded him for staying outside at night and grounded him. As he walked into his room, he thought about what to do with the ghosts. After a whole afternoon of pondering, he decided to sneak out that evening and see the ghosts for himself. When he heard his parents’ snoring, he quietly crept out the door and trotted to the former site of Waluga. Once he got there, he took a deep breath, took out a flashlight, and walked in. It was almost as if the ghosts were waiting for his return on deserted night. As he stepped in the mist closed in. His flashlight was no use in penetrating the fog. Fear got the better of him as he heard voices again and got disoriented. As Fred was blacking out, he gazed around, he saw the ground littered with skeletons, skeletons that were possessed by the ghosts, and he felt his spirit fleeing his body, joining the ghosts of Waluga.

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