Old time friend, part two

November 11, 2009
By winterguardluv94 SILVER, Hemet, California
winterguardluv94 SILVER, Hemet, California
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She followed for what seemed like hours before she realized where he was going. Her bird family’s home.She screeched, and with the last of her energy, she dove towards him. She shoot into Nick, grabbed him, and crashed into the ground. She changed emediantly to a cat, and caught him in her claws.
“Enough!” She screamed. “No more! You were once my friend, why did you change?”
“It’s none of your business! And you wouldn’t understand!” He yelled while he struggled even harder.
“Oh really? Try me!” She screamed, and slammed him into the ground again.
“Why does it matter to you? After you kill me, you can just go on with you Shifting life,” the wind howled over his words, making them hard for Jess to hear. With a sudden ounce of strength, he shoved her off him, and took flight. Startled, Jess looked around in the blinding snow, looking for any sign of him. Snarling, the cat lounged into the air, and changed to a falcon, one of the fastest birds. She should catch up with him soon. It took 19 hours, but when she caught up with him, she was filled with dismay. They had reached her home.

“I will kill you if I have to, Nick, and you know that!” She yelled above the howling winds. They had left the snowy climate about 10 hours ago.
“Let’s just get this fight over with, I want to take over the world soon, I’m kind of on a schedule here.” He said with sadness in his voice. “I don’t want to keep them waiting!”
“Fine!” She yelled. “I really want to go home and call my bff so we can plan a shopping day, so let’s finish up here!”
They fought. They both changed to cats. She clawed and scratched her way to victory, but in the end the fight had led its way to a busy intersection. Hissing, he ran towards the cars.
“You may be stronger than me, but I have apprentices. They will avenge my death!” With that, he had thrown himself into the rush of traffic.
“NO!” She had yelled, but was too late. He was dead.
She shuddered and came back to reality. She looked around at the animals she loved, and remembered the parents she also loved. She didn’t know when the apprentices would be coming, but all she knew was she would be ready.

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