November 11, 2009
By Josh David BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
Josh David BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
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It was a dark, stormy night and it was 11:45 PM so Bobby had to go home before his mom got worried. While he was walking, he started to whistle, but then he heard something. He turned around. Nothing. He thought it was just leaves blown off from a nearby tree so he started walking and whistling again. There it was again. That same noise. He turned around. Nothing. He didn’t see anybody thinking that someone was going to jump out of nowhere and kill him on the barren streets. He was standing there if paralyzed hearing nothing but the buzz of bees, and seeing nothing but the flickering lights on the streets and the bright, big moon glistening on his eyes. After a brief moment, he was the fastest human in the world. He was already starting to sweat, then he saw an old tree and right when he was about to pass it, a figure jumped on him, out of that tree and he fainted. When he woke up, he saw so many tombstones realizing he was in the cemetery thinking that he better get out of there before something bad happens. Then, he checked his watch and realized he was an hour late and that his mom would get pretty freaked out right about now. When he was about turn around and head for home, he was shocked in fear. There it was. A pale blue face with dark red eyes, all black and red clothing, fangs about 5 inches long and a long, black cape. It was a vampire ready to slay Bobby and suck his blood. He started to scream and down the road, a man was jogging and he heard Bobby scream so he went to the cemetery as fast as he could. After 2 minutes, he finally got there and he hid behind a bush. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a vampire right in front of him and this next part made him hurl. The vampire looked at the 14 year old boy and sliced his head off, just like that. After that, the vampire started sucking the boy’s blood and said,
“AB positive, my favorite.” The man recognized that boy and went to his mother’s house as quickly as possible. When he got Bobby’s mother, he told her everything. He even made her smell his stinky shirt that he threw up on. Then, she called the officers and all of a sudden people started to know, news reporters started to know. Soon every started to know and people were exaggerating about this incident. Two weeks past before his mom went to the cemetery and when she got there, she saw her son’s body separated into 2 pieces. She cried all day and night, and that was the end of Bobby Davidson’s life.

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