The Bridge on Porter Street 7/10

November 23, 2009
By jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
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I sped down my street, I felt like I was a car racing for my life. I ran into my house and saw a note on the table. I read the note out loud “Gone shopping because dad ate all the Halloween candy, call you in an hour.” I ran into my room and put the covers over my head. I felt like I slept for years but it was only a few hours. I saw a mysterious red flashing light. It was my answering machine saying I had two-missed messages. Wondering what the messages were I pushed the button. One was from my mom but I quickly skipped it. The second one was from Silva
“Hi Jon this is Silva, sorry I am running late I’ll be over at your house in a while”
How could I forget, Silva was supposed to come over my house for Halloween? Then it came to me, she lives across the bridge from me. I have to go warn her even if I risk my life. I grabbed the flashlight off the counter and ran down the dark gloomy street. I ignored all the dead oaks that seemed to be reaching for me. I got to the stop sign but I did not take a rest. I tripped from a pothole and rolled down the dark curved hill. I managed to pick my self up and kept going. I stopped about fifty feet away from the bridge were there was no sign of Silva. I dashed across the bridge, hoping to catch her. I made across the bridge but stopped for a second because I was out of breath. Then I heard a voice call my name.

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The Bridge on Porter Street part 7

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on Dec. 14 2009 at 4:25 pm
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
10 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Sorry somehow part 6 and 7 got uploaded before part 1

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