The Bridge on Porter Street 6/10

November 23, 2009
By jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
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I rolled my eyes and I cautiously trotted to Porter Street. I reached the hill where you could see Mark’s yard and the bridge. “I’ll just run across the bridge when I get there” I said to myself. However that was not the case when I was close to the bridge. I imagined the night when Tim died. I cowardly started to slowly walk across the bridge. When I got half way across the bridge I heard a noise. It was sounding like a hissing noise coming underneath the bridge. I screamed and ran as fast as I could. All of a sudden I heard a familiar voice.
“What do you think you’re doing you dork?”
I looked to the side of the bridge and saw it was Rocco. He was spray painting under the bridge with a red can. “Get out from under there!” I yelled. “It’s dangerous!”
“Oh what’s going to happen is the boogie man going to get me?”
He started to spray more profanity under the bridge. “I’m serious get out now!” As soon as I said that a string of mucus started dripping off the bottom of the bridge. It wrapped around Rocco’s wrist. In shock Rocco started to spray the can and accidentally sprayed himself. He screamed as the slime tightened and burned around his wrist, causing his hand to fall off. I could not tell which was blood and which was paint; it was all over his body. The blob slowly oozed down the wall and started wrap around Rocco’s body.
“Help Me,” He screamed
I grabbed a large stick and ran down to help him. I started to swing at the blob but missed and hit Rocco in the head, which stopped his screaming. After a long fight hitting the blob over and over again it started to retreat. I looked at Rocco’s body; his skin had been dissolved off, leaving behind a mess of blood and bones. Then my mind started to race. “What should I do, he is dead for sure,” I thought to myself. “What will the cops think; if I did save his body would the cops think I killed him?” I had no other choice; I did the thing that was best for Rocco and me. I took the stick and started to nudge Rocco’s body down the slope towards the blob. Slowly the blob came back to finish what it started.

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The Bridge on Porter Street part 6

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on Dec. 14 2009 at 4:24 pm
jmajor8713 GOLD, ******, Massachusetts
10 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Sorry somehow part 6 and 7 got uploaded before part 1


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