The Kingdom that Could Not be Named

November 23, 2009
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Once upon a time there was a small kingdom on a far away island. The kingdom had once been the largest kingdom in the world, but as the years went on the population became smaller and smaller. Although the kingdom was small it was divided into two parts, the North and the South. Over the past 200 years the North and the South had fought over everything. They fought over food, how the land was divided, water supply, and most importantly what the name of the kingdom should be. The name of the kingdom had been forgotten because of the years of fighting and now they had decided to choose a new name for it.

The king of the North, Luke, wanted to name the kingdom Katopia. The reason he wanted to name the kingdom Katopia was because Ka was a type of bread that was made in the kingdom. This was his favorite kind of bread and he thought that all the other kingdoms around them should know that his kingdom produced the most bread.

The king of the South, Harold, wanted the kingdom to be called Chocolateville. The reason he thought the kingdom should be called Chocolateville was because they also made chocolate in this kingdom and King Harold was proud of that. He also believed Chocolateville was the perfect name because everyone in the kingdom loved chocolate.

Each king thought their idea for the name of the kingdom was better than the other kings’ idea, so the kingdom had divided. Either you were on the North side, with King Luke and Katopia or you were on the South side, with King Harold and Chocolateville.
Because of this small, silly disagreement another war had started in the kingdom. But one pheasant woman decided the war needed to stop and she had a plan to make sure that the war stopped. She went to King Luke and King Harold and told them she wanted the war to end. The kings agreed, but did not know how this would ever happen if they could not agree on a name for the kingdom. The woman said let the children decide. Take two children from the North and two children from the South and let them explain their choice for the name of the kingdom. The kings agreed and the woman set out to find four children to present their choices for the name of the kingdom.
First, she went to the South and found a nine year old boy and his seven year old sister playing in their backyard. Their names were Sam and Elizabeth and they were excited to explain their choice for the name of the kingdom.
Next she went to the North and found a ten year old boy, named Jacob, coming home from school. She asked if he would like to help and he said he would love to help his kingdom. Now she just needed to find a girl. She looked all around until she found a little girl at the wishing well. Her name was Melinda and she was five years old. The pheasant woman thought she was too young, but Melinda was eager and determined to help the kingdom.
So the woman brought the four children, Sam, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Melinda to the kings, Luke and Harold were pleased to see that the children wanted to help the kingdom. The four kids got one day to decide what they wanted the kingdom to be called, then they would present it to the whole kingdom at the feast tomorrow. The children were excited and went home to start working right away.
The next day Sam, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Melinda showed up to the feast ready to tell the townspeople what the name of the kingdom should be. King Luke and King Harold decided to let the oldest child go first down to the youngest. Jacob was first, then Sam, Elizabeth, and last was Melinda.
Jacob got up on stage and told the townspeople that even though he lived in the North he believed that the kingdom should be called Chocolateville because chocolate tasted better than Ka bread. The kings said thank you and moved on to Sam.
Sam said that he lived in the South and his parents loved chocolate, but Sam was allergic to chocolate, so they should name the kingdom Katopia. He could actually eat Ka. The kings listened patiently then called on Elizabeth.
Elizabeth said that she did not like either of the names. She said that Katopia and Chocolateville were both bad names and she would name the kingdom Unicorn City because unicorns were her favorite animal. Elizabeth’s idea made the kings wonder if they should switch the kingdom to Unicorn City to stop the war, but they still had one girl left, Melinda.
Melinda got up on stage and told the kings she had created a name that would please both the kings and every single townsperson. The kings were interested and told her to continue. Melinda said the name of the kingdom should be Chocolatekatopiaville, because it combined both Chocolateville and Katopia and everyone could have their choice in the kingdom name. King Luke and King Harold loved this idea, so did the townspeople.
So, the kingdom was called Chocolatekatopiaville and the problems and wars between the North and the South were solved, all because of Melinda, a five year old girl, who believed she could make the kingdom of Chocolatekatopiaville a happier place to live.

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