Emma in Wonderland

November 10, 2009
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Didn't i hear this in a story once? I couldv'e sworn that this was a book. Kiley in wonder-no...ashley in- no...OH! alice in wonderland... right. My Mom tells me tis story all the time. "Emma..." she would say."Did i tell you about alice in wonderland?" she would ask. I would shake my head to make her want to tell the story repeatedly. But now i as in the situation that my hero, Alice was once in. "I had decided to follow a white rabbit thinking it would be just like the story. Well, my wish came true. I was now in a large room and you guessed it... there was the decision of the "drink me" bottles. I thought of what alice would do. Just grab the key and make my self smaller! i took my advice since that was the only kind availiable... and grasped the key and took a small sip of the shrinking bottle. i shrunk just to size and stuck the heavy, gold key through the small door. "Owww!" it shreiked. I jumped back. "what's the deal? wait havent i seen you before?" he asked as he examined my blizzard blue eyes and sunshin yellow hair. "umm do you mean Alice?" i asked eager to hear a yes. "Precisley, are you not Alice.... my apologies..." the door said. "and you are?" it asked. "Emma..." i asnwered as i straihtend my tee-shirt and ruffled my jeans."emma... i see you got the key much faster than poor alice did... good. go on through.." he said as he opened his door opening to a sage green forest. I stepped out and stared in awe at the sudden change in scenery. I started down a path and froze at the two signes before me. "the grumpy badger or the hare's teaparty.... i remember how rude the hare was to alice so i'll go to the grumpy badger..." i said to myself and started to turn right. "Stop rigt there Alice..." a voice called. I spun around to see a big smile sitting all alone in mid-air. "oh i'm not Alice... i'm Emma..." i murmured. "Of course so sorry..." the smile said as a striped body began to appear. "the chesire cat..." i whispered. "yes, yes i am young lady..." he replied with a sly smile. "Are you lost?" the cat asked. "n-n-no of c-c-c-course not..." i replied as i slowly began to walk away. "Are you afraid of me?" the cat snickered. "i'v heard bad things about you.... i should be going..." i said as i began to tun around. but to my surprise i found the cat appearing in front of my face. "i'll be seeing you later..." he said and then faded into the dense forest air. i stared blankly at the fading cat. "THIS IS ALL A DREAM! OF COURSE! DIDN'T ALICE WAKE UP FROM A DREAM?" i said as a smile of releif sped across my lips. I pinched myself hard and suddenly heard the pitter-patter of raindrops falling on a window. i opened my eyes and let out a sigh of releif. "i don't know how alice did it.... i couldn't even get through half of her adventure..." i whispered as i embraced all of my stuffed animals. "and i'm older than her too! she was 12 and i'm 14! she has got one imagination!" i exclaimed in a low whisper. Then suddenly my mom stuck her head in my doorway. "hey emma... its close to your birthday, i know but i just couldn't wait to give you your gift plus it's gonna die... so here...!" she said as she handed me a box. something thumped inside. i opened the box to find a white rabbit inside.it blinked. and i noticed a weird shape inprinted in its fur. My smile faded. "whats wrong... you don't like him?" she asked. "no i love him its just.... never mind..." i said. The imprint on is fur was ironicly alot like the shape of a stopwatch. i blinked in awe at the sight. maybe it wasn't a dream....

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Lorelei said...
Jun. 4, 2010 at 11:04 am
ok, cool, is this done because you did not finish this. It's really good though!
freedombird replied...
Oct. 10, 2010 at 7:13 am
Terribly sorry im replying so late. But htis is my comeback on this site! you probably dont remember posting this comment but still..... thankyou FOR the comment! :)
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