Special Cupcakes

October 23, 2009
By ♥Taylor♥ BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
♥Taylor♥ BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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In the small town of Albuquerque, a group of parents were in a heated conversation.

"My daughter always ignores me when I am trying to talk to her and I have to ask her to do things multiple times." One mother said. "My son never tells me anything and then gives me crap when he gets a poor grade or he isn't someplace when he needs to be." said one father. So after conversing for a while, the parents devised a plan. They agreed to give their children a gift. But this wasn't just any gift, it was a magical gift from the Goober-Goober Ghost. They called upon the ghost and begged him to give them something to make their children behave. The next morning on the doorstep of one of the parent's house, was a box filled with delicious cupcakes. They had pink and white frosting with sprinkles on them. So the mom didn't think much of it and fed the cupcakes to her son. Almost instantly her son became a well-behaved child. He got all his projects and homework done. Did his chores without being asked and straightened up his room, which is something he never did. So the mom called all of the parents and they had all experienced the same thing. The parents were overjoyed with their children's new and improved attitudes. They never had to ask them to do anything and one boy’s straight F's, became straight A's in 5 days. But after a while, one father began to miss his old daughter. So he called upon the Goober-Goober Ghost once again, but this time there was no one to answer to his pleas. So one night at home he said to himself, "Why did I have to ask the Goober-Goober Ghost to make my daughter perfect? I want my old daughter back and I want her back now!". Then out of nowhere, he heard loud rock music coming from, what sounded like his daughter's room. So he rushed in and found his old, non-listening, misbehaved daughter sitting on the floor. He embraced her in the tightest hug imaginable and promised himself that he would never ask for a different daughter again.

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bballqueen22 said...
on Dec. 14 2009 at 9:46 am
this piece was very good hah i like it all and your a very talented writer . im from albuquerque too :)

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