a Nightmare in Heaven

October 22, 2009
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The door jerked open in flash of splintering wood and snapping metal hinges. John stepped through the door, waving his gun like a conductor in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. There was nothing extraordinary about this particular room, minus the little girl chained and bound in her bed, but John Nissan was used to this. John yelled the words “clear” into the hall, and a storm of Venezuelans came flooding into the room behind John. He withdrew his crucifix, and started towards the little girl, his 17 caliber Smith and Wesson aimed at the glass window to the right of the bed. The window burst, sending shards of glass spiraling into the room. John shot twice.
The exorcism was normal to John at first. There was a little girl, and a big demon who thought it would be funny to possess her body and make her pee on her parents. There was one thing different though, and that is what exactly came through the window that day. John was used to the windows shattering, as the demons he fought often lashed out at the sight of a cross, but this time was different. It had seemed to John that there had been too demons: one inside the little girl, and one waiting for him outside the window. A demon was WAITING for him. The thought sent chills down John’s spine. He understood why, what he didn’t understand was how. Two demons had never occurred in such close proximity. It was unnatural; demons hated everything, including other demons. It just didn’t make sense to John. At any rate, both were soldier demons, and both were not supposed to be there. At least both were dead, if the thought was any compensation to John, and it was. John loved his job, but this was getting out of hand. He had to get some information. John locked the doors of his third floor apartment as he left, and leapt into his silver Jetta. John had chosen the Jetta to contradict his name, so he rode Volts wagon. Driving down the streets of Chicago, John pulled out a cigarette and lit up. Long ago, the first time he had died, john had vowed to get off cigarettes and stay clean. That had worked for about 2 hours before John had decided hell wouldn’t be so bad if he got to keep his gun. John coughed twice, and raced into the parking lot of a nearby coffee shop. He got out of his beautifully polished car and stepped inside the building, empty, as usual. “Don’t you ever have any customers Larry?” John’s low toned, unbelievably frightening voice obviously startled the man. “John Nissan, what the hell are you doin here.” Larry was a very fat and unstable man, very short and very hairy. “You know what I want Larry.” John voice remained as calm and sinister as it had when he walked in. “No John I ain’t gonna do it again John, you can’t make me do it john.” John laughed “I can’t eh?” Larry went stone solid, deathly afraid of what John might do to him. He was a very intimidating man John. His hair was cut efficiently short and jet black; His six foot tall body was chiseled and built like a professional linebacker. John’s eyes were dark gray, almost evil. Everyone who had met him has said it was like looking into the eyes of a soulless Satan. Without question, John was perfect for his job. He stared his menacing, cold stare at Larry. “Ok ill do it ok just please don’t hurt me!” Larry Signaled for John to go into the back with him. There in the middle of the back room, there was a large pulpit, with an enormous black book resting on it. A grim smile folded across John’s face, he loved this part. Larry walked slowly to the necropolis, shaking in fear. “Don’t worry bud I won’t let them rape you.” John laughed at Larry who obviously didn’t catch his vogue humor. He slowly opened the book to page 65. The contents of this page were not as complex as one might think. There was a pentagram in the center, and around it, 5 Symbols each representing an element of human life. (Life, death, birth, connection, and resurrection.) Larry began to speak in a tongue so evil and forgotten the room’s wind currents began to pick up like a tornado. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Even John shuttered as Larry was speaking. At the end of the incantation, everything went silent. The wind was sucked from the room, and the wetness around them dried up and evaporated. Just then the room exploded in a colorful display of Demonic idols and paintings. The walls changed to the color of fleshing, oozing blood from each corner. The floor transformed in to a charred wasteland, with dried of bones and burnt human skulls lining the sunken earth. In the air around the two men and the book, little pieces of skin floated, bleeding profusely, and depositing little chunks of flame onto the ground. Everything in the room had changed. The torches lit were now burning pits of fire, the light bulb illuminating the room was a severed human head, even the black and tan robes lined up softly on a bar across a closet door were now skewered bodies of all shaped and sizes. The scene was grotesque. John looked around cautiously and withdrew his gun. He didn’t dare move, for he was now in Abaddon, the precipice of the underworld where only the greatest of evil demons resided. John looked up and saw exactly what he was looking for, one of the biggest, most evil demons in Hades: The Incubus. John aimed down the desolate wasteland at the creatures head. It snarled and came running viciously toward him. The incubus was an extremely large demon, about the size a small car of van; (Very big for demons) He had four legs and no arms. His skin was a fleshy red, and his eyes were black, no pupils. The Incubus was a demon that came along every couple of thousands of years to command an army of demons. Most people think that leading the demons is the job of Lucifer, but they are wrong. Lucifer just enjoys watching, he never interferes, which is why he found so much favor in John. John is interesting, and very hard to kill. You know an incubus has arrived when demons start to organize themselves, when they coherently attack a subject with precision and careful planning. That’s how John knew the creature would be here. The incubus came hurdling towards John as he shot the creature twice in between the eyes. It gave a grave moan and fell forward, tripping over its many legs. John looked up from his newly acquired target to see swarms of demons rushing towards him. John looked at Larry who hurriedly searched his pockets and began to speak in tongue once again. Before he could finish The Incubus awoke and yelled a terrible mind blowing shriek. The sound was terrible, and john was forced to cover his ears. He shot the demon in the throat, but it continued to screech. Finally the demon split into two halves, tearing the skin and revealing the black, bleeding internal organs. “Great” John thought aloud, “Now we have an Incubus, AND a Succubus.” John took his other pistol from its holster on the other side of his body. The Succubus dove at his throat. He jumped to the side, rolling with his landing, and shot the demon four times in the back. He was in a panic now, he was running low on silver bullets, and he had one clip left. The Succubus yelled and fell to the floor behind John, who was too busy dodging the ferocious blows of the demon’s male counterpart to notice that he had killed her. John ducked and dived, but he couldn’t escape the Incubus’ claws. John moved slightly to his left, then dashed madly to his right as the Incubus swung. He turned midstride, and unloaded both pistol clips onto the fleshy side of the demon. It screamed in terror as it went down. John put his final clip into his gun. He was bleeding from the cut wounds given to him by the demon. He shot the dying creature on the top of the head. The Incubus died there, sullen on the floor of its own hell. John looked at Larry, who gave him a look in return that said “Were almost there John.” John, relieved, took a position in front of Larry and emptied his clip into the oncoming hoard of demons. Then, silence. The demons froze in place. A bright light illuminated from the center of John’s eyes, and then, everything was black.

John awoke in his own bed, with bandages and gauze covering his wounds. He smiled and lay back down. “Youd think that crazy jack ass would hate me by now.” John said to himself, grinning sporadically. John was pleased with himself. He had never in his life taken down such a big demon. He looked at the scars on his wrists and looked up, smiling at the empty ceiling of his apartment. “Can’t even kill me on your own home turf eh?” John laughed and took out a cigarette. “You’ll get me, sooner or later.”

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