Moon and Sun

October 22, 2009
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“I knew what they were going to decide, even before they did. The soft flicker of resentment, showing on their faces, before it was hidden behind their smug conceited little masks of comfort. Not that they were fooling anybody. It was fairly obvious what they thought of me. Their brief glances in my direction, told everybody that much. But I knew. I could tell. Their softly shimmering auras clung around their heads like halos, although some of them didn’t deserve that description. Different colours shining brightly like a lighthouse through thick fog, revealing people for what they are really like – for those people that can see. I’m one of those people. But I wouldn’t – couldn’t let them know that I can see, they’d hate me all the more for it. So even though I knew the verdict before they spoke it I allowed a sharp cloud of silvery shock to escape from my mouth as the piercing sound of the Judges hammer echoed around the cold room. Guilty.”I wrenched myself upwards gasping for breath a light sheen of sweat covered my clammy body the sheets wrapped tighter around my petite frame, binding me to the bed. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath trying to rid myself of this new nightmare that I couldn’t explain and wouldn’t escape. To say I frequently experience déjà vu would be an understatement. I was slipping back into the shadows though and the dark figures are waiting to take me by the hand and pull me through my nightmares. Welcoming me back into the dark. The place that I hate being, a place that I understand and empathise with and that scares me. I don’t want to understand it. I’m protected there, and yet I’m always running. Running from unspeakable dangers and horror. Things that wouldn’t scare anyone else but terrify me.
Even the thought of my ‘family’ gives me chills. To the public, we’re the perfect family. Friendly, law abiding citizens. Intelligent, friendly, polite. But that charade slipped away before long and my ‘true colours’ were revealed like a distorted person at a freak show. The curtain being whipped off to reveal the freak within and then there I was. The insane one, a nutter, a freak. But then behind closed doors everything is different I’m their own personal slave, forced to obey their every wish, every command
I tossed myself to the floor in a swift jerky movement landing with a dull thud that was muted by the thick carpet. I listened intently for any sign that my family had woken but their breathing remained constant and untroubled. I scrambled to my feet and gently shut my door before padding to my window, sliding it open. The cool breeze caressed my face, waking me up, it felt nice in the stuffy room, having the air sweep around removing the bad atmosphere. The window across from me was open and I leaned toward it desperate suddenly to get out of my room and yet again pleased that the houses are built so close together. I clambered through the window, holding my breath stifling a laugh, as I stole across the room to the stationary figure lying in the bed.
Covering his mouth gently with my hand, I spoke gently into his ear, before jumping on his stomach. “Rhys Burswood, wake up right NOW!” He jumped a mile high and as predicted several loud unintelligible words that he would never had uttered in the presence of his mother burst from his mouth. His eyes snapped open and refocused and recognition lit his eyes. His body relaxed and I removed my hand and slid to the floor he smiled widely and I grinned back reflexively. “Jeez, Brooke that’s the third time this week. How dare you disturb my beauty sleep?” he joked. I laughed in response. “I know I’m sorry you really need it.” I joked in return. His face fell slightly before an even bigger grin replaced the one that had just left. I felt uncomfortable. It’s coming again. My best friend, the boy that I have grown up with, recently told me that he is in love with me. Too bad I can’t return the feelings. I mean Rhys is 18 and gorgeous, a year older than me and more mature that the other boys that I know, but we’ve been friends for so long and that’s left an awkward tension between us. Glancing around the room at his posters and illuminated computer screen I interrupted whatever he was going to say, speaking louder than what was necessary. “I’ve had that dream again.” I told him. Recently my dreams have revolved around the same things. A huge white marble mansion sat uncharacteristically in a pretty wood, a beautiful woman silhouetted against a silvery moon, a baby sat on its mother’s knee looking up at the beautiful stranger while two young boys play on the floor. A huge stone room that sentences me guilty. Although I have no idea why. Rhys gave a low whistle. “That sucks.” I raised my eyebrows. “State the obvious” I sighed “Still don’t recognise the place?” he asked me, well, stated the look on my face was enough to tell him that I still don’t recognise the place that my dreams predict I’ll be going soon.
I glanced at his alarm clock then pushed myself off the floor using his leg as support. “5:30 gotta go Jo, I need to start my chores or there’ll be hell to pay. His face tightened angrily “You don’t have to do those chores” he exploded “You’re their child not their slave!” I sighed “Yeah” I replied quietly “Their freaky child. Of course I have to do their chores. If I don’t they’ll kick me out or something. Jake is normal though so he’s fine. They like him. You’re normal, they like you...”I broke off and started walking back to the window. He jumped to his feet and pulled me into a hug. “Everything will be okay, I promise.” He told me looking down on my sad face. “Yeah... Bye Rhys” I said sadly as I climbed out. “Bye” Came the silent reply.
Another day over, I climbed into the bed and imagined the day that I get to escape. I can’t wait. At home they are always watching, waiting for me to make a mistake so that they can pounce. Their brutal judgemental words mock me belittle me until I’m so small, so insignificant that there is nothing worth living for. A sharp tap on the window disturbed my thoughts and I looked up surprised. And that’s when I saw her. The angel that disturbs my selfless slumber every night, a goddess silhouetted against the soft glow from the silvery moon. Beautiful I thought. I didn’t know that I’d be seeing plenty more people like her throughout the remainder of my life.
She told me that her name is Skye, and said that she could help me, if I trusted her, she reminded me that I’m a human being, not a machine and promised to take me away, where I’ll be safe. I believed her, but only because I’ve seen her in my dreams, she’s not a stranger. I snuck into my brothers’ room and watched him sleeping then silently kissed his forehead before taking my half of our savings and writing a note “Jake, I’m so sorry but I can’t cope anymore. I’ve gone to America for a new beginning. Tell Rhys that I’m sorry and I’ll miss him. Love you forever. Xxx” I left the note on his dresser and returned to my room. Skye had already packed my bag. I looked around the room a small smile on my face and took her hand. And so we made our escape, the phoenix arose from the ashes and I was reborn.
Walking through the air port I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I felt like someone would recognise me and snatch me away, back to my old life. Even when I was in my seat I snuck glances behind me, paranoid. Skye just kept reassuring me, but I couldn’t rest until we were in the air, I gazed up into Skyes’ face, wondering. So many questions that I wanted to her, I didn’t even know where to begin. She smiled at me questioningly then looked me full in the face. “You don’t know anything about what you are, do you?”

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Imagination! said...
Mar. 16, 2010 at 8:08 am
Any Comments...?
Imagination! said...
Feb. 5, 2010 at 4:03 am
Grrrrrr........ am not to happy with this......
Imagination! said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 5:48 am
loving that picture, it's fab =D
Imagination! said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 5:05 am
WTF?? i did not post that comment at 5:03 am at all, it was 11:05 am so there ya go
DarkPhoenix replied...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 3:32 pm
Wow this is so much more developed than when i last read it. I mean i really liked it before but now i lovve it. :D
Oh an i like the little comment "close friend" haha i didnt know you cared :P
Just remember thought , we are suppose to be writing something together. So we will have to meet up sometime and make a start on our future book.
Keep up the good work x
Imagination! replied...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 5:45 am
you should know that i care hun! love ya! xxxx we need to sort something out and get together soon its been like... 6 months since i saw you last...
Imagination! replied...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 5:48 am
i've edited this though since i put it on last, not much but some stuff has been changed. i'll have to show you when i see you next. an i'll get chapter three on for you soon. hopefully my other poems will be on soon for you to see. give it 5 years hun an our book will be as big as Twilight (i wish...) lol x
Imagination! said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 5:03 am
yay, it's finally bin posted!!! =D this is only the first chapter though people. !
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