Yours in Eternity

November 11, 2009
By Avalgn BRONZE, NYC, New York
Avalgn BRONZE, NYC, New York
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"I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It's totally for myself." - J.K. Rowling
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The dark night bloomed outside my window. The splash of the rain awoke my mind, pondering as I, bewildered, opened my eyes for the first time and faced the world beneath me. As if I was awakened, never to sleep again…

The dark night did bloom outside my window. The splash of the rain did awake me. But not for the first time. Every ordinary day, I’d woken up to find a peculiar peace in the dead of night. There was no one to talk, no one to cry, no one to make any noise. It was as if I, Lily, was a creature of the night…

She strode out the window, pausing only to grab a shawl. And out she jumped, flat onto her roof. And there stood a magnificent night, waiting for her sparkling black eyes to embark their starry flight. ‘Not tonight, she told them. Not tonight.’

Lily blinked, the fog beginning to creep up and sat down. She opened the journal at the hidden corner and began to write in her elegance handwriting:

Dear Journal ,

I wish they were here. I wish I wasn’t alone. But they aren’t here and I am alone. Except you. You, with not a name nor an identity. We’ve been bound by blood before the foundation of the first union. Declare me free and take my burden from me.

Yours in Eternity,

A strange thing happened. The journal, a heavily bound book, several inches thick, bound by sections, disappeared to where no one knows, but when the children came to the roof to play a game of catch, their eyes did find quite a sight. Lovely Lily lay there, peaceful as ever, smiling as if asleep. Relieved, finally, from the years of burden she carried. Her legacy. Her sullen face, doted by beads of tears, shone under the golden light of the sun.

The author's comments:
I started this book, and actually gave it a bit of a plot after what's pasted, but suffered writer's block :P Hope u guys like it...

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