November 7, 2009
By Qtchan9 BRONZE, Holt, Florida
Qtchan9 BRONZE, Holt, Florida
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I saw a light,in the woods north of my house. I glared at them for a good 10 min. They werent your average lights,every 15 seconds, they would fade,then slowly come back,brighter and brighter evertime. I was about to go directly to the lights to see what was going on, but looking at my watch made me debate. It was 4:30am. I went through with it and made my way out of my window. I knew in my head I should'nt be doing this, but the lighs were almost hypnotizing. I walked for 15 min straight and finally reached the lights. They were coming from a small sphere that sat in the middle of a flower patch. I gazed for a few min, wondering why someone would place lights in such a strange place. I walked closer, and suddenly had an eerie feeling. Like I was walking right into a trap. I paused and took a deep breath. Then I continued on and walked right up to the sphere. Bending down, I glanced at my watch once more noticing it was 4:44am. I picked up the sphere and at 4:45 felt something lock my hands to it. I tried removing my hands,it was stuck. My hands were like a magnet.Tha was when the lights beamed straight into my eyes. It felt like something ripped through my spine. Unable to stand, I dropped to the floor and lost consciousness.

My eyes flew open. I did'nt feel normal. I was in my room, how could this be? One min later and I managed to make it a mile into my house. But my room was empty,no bed,lights,only a door.I went to the door and opened it slowly.I quickly walked down the hall way and made my way to the bathroom, were I slipped in the door and turned on the light as quickly as possible. Wondering why I felt so irregular,I leaned forward to the mirror until the point that I was face to face with it. I stood there in curiosity, wondering what was wrong with me. The tone of my skin seemed so dull. My eye color, which was usually a midnight green, had turned to a lifeless gray, and my lips ever so cracked. Panting,I urged to my parents room. Or what used to be their room. It again, was a empty sight.
What was happening? All these thoughts running through my mind.
My house was empty. I made my way down stairs, and out the front door. There were no cars, no people, no lights,no anything. I was terrified. Was this real? Am I still on earth? Where do I go? I collapsed in the middle of the road. But looked to the sky. And to the North of my house, I ran as fast as I could to the lights, there they sat, in the middle of the patch of flowers. Fading and getting brighter, just like I remembered. I walked to the sphere, and picked it up again. It immediately lifted me off the ground, throwing me a mile to my house , 30 mph. Where I landed flew through the walls, leaving no damage at all, and landed in my living room. My living room that had furniture. The sphere was gone before I could blink. I slowly sat up, and everything seemed normal.
I rushed to the bathroom, same old me, went to my parents room, were they were sound asleep. I walked into my room, and got into my bed, desperatly hoping this was all over. It was 3:30am and I fell asleep,shaking,and knowing I could'nt tell my parents because who would believe something so abnormal? I woke up and it was 4:30am. I unwillingly walked to my window, It's like I was being forced. There they were, hypmotizing me. Basicly calling my name. I crawled out of my window, and was on my way, once again.

The author's comments:
Hello there! Thanks for reading my short story! Please remember this was written in less then 10 min. Someimes I get a craving for a late night story and just write to write. Hope you enjoyed!

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