November 4, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a humble prince who ruled the great land of Qismet. The prince was a very fortunate prince because unlike the other prince’s of his time he was very much loved by his people. No one had ever known him to be a spoiled prince; he was always kind and generous. He was always willing to help the people of his kingdom. The king and queen would often find him in the gardens telling stories to the young and entertaining the old. He was a magnificent prince with a heart of gold and was always honest and true to everyone.

Now although the prince of Qismet was good in all his ways, his sister the princess was not. Although she was much younger than her brother, her cunningness succeeded him. Considering her age she was very advanced. She was so clever she could get anyone that she wanted to do almost anything that she desired. But although she was very quick, her servants could still sense her wickedness. Everyone in the kingdom knew that she could never be as loved as her brother. This angered the princess and made her envious of her brother. She despised that fact that one day her brother would become king while she would have to have an arranged marriage in a far away land.

As the end of the king’s days came closer the princess’s scheming to stop her brother from being king became clearer to her. One night she tried to poison her brother while he was asleep. She slipped the venom into his morning drink and tiptoed out of the room without being noticed. After days she figured that her plan didn’t work since her brother was still roaming the kingdom very much alive and well. Her second attempt was to slit his throat in his sleep. While he was sleeping she had gone into his room with a sword she had stolen from her guard’s armor. Unfortunately for her the guard soon realized that his sword was stolen and ordered that the entire castle be searched for the thief. The princess was caught hovering over her brother with the knife while he slept and was taken before the king and queen.

Though the king and queen were saddened by their daughter’s deed, the prince was devastated; for he loved his sister so much that he grieved for months. The princess was sentenced to spend her life in the dungeon.

Six years had passed when the princess had finally had a visitor. A man showed up in her chamber dressed in a black cloak carrying a wooden staff. He spoke to the princess, “come with me and you will be free from your chains. I will give you a kingdom of your own ten times greater than this if you choose to worship me”. Again the princess was no fool. No man could convince her that he could give her a kingdom greater than the one she belonged to…no man. But the cloaked visitor was no man. He revealed himself to her as a beautiful angel with golden wings and a flawless sculpt. His staff was made of the light of fire and with a quick wave they were in the gardens of the kingdom and he was hovering above her in the light of the sun. “Soon your brother will walk into these gardens and you will help me to obtain his soul. Your brother has one of the purest hearts of this creation and with it will come great power. Bow down to me now and not only will you get your kingdom, he will lose this one.” The princess was in awe; everything that she wanted would be given to her if she only bowed down to the angel. Hesitantly she put her head down and then slowly she fell down on her knees.

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